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Local Advertising Platforms in US

Good advertising platforms are limited in numbers and everyone wants to acquire them. This article will tell you about some of the best local advertising platforms in the US. Local Advertising Platforms in US is a popular website used for mass transit directions in the US and they recently launched HopStop AdLocal which is a location based advertising platform especially for small businesses in the US.  Hopstop Adlocal is an affordable online advertising platform for local businesses based in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New Jersey and New York. The owners of small businesses can login to and create a location based, cost-effective ad campaign. They need to provide information on the target address of their business location and choose the distance around which they wish to target their ad campaigns. By following a step by step instruction wizard, they can automatically create a local ad campaign on Users can also upload images, add their business website details and change the appearance or background colors for their ads. Chinedu Echeruo, Founder and CEO of says that this advertisement platform from Hopstop is similar to a self-service automated system for promoting local business through targeted ads and is very popular among small businesses in the U.S.

FourSquare for Local Advertising Local Advertising Platforms in US

Foursquare is a location-based social networking platform especially for smart phones and mobile devices. Users can “Check In” at venues through text messaging or mobile website or choosing from list of nearby venues through GPS technology present in mobile devices. Users will receive “badges” and check-in awards for every check-in they make. Local merchants can make use of this platform to create online advertisements and promote their business through various deals. There is a feature known as “Local Updates” which allows small and large business owners to communicate directly with the customers. Brands usually interact through sidelines by offering static deals and discounts and providing tips regarding their business. With the introduction of Local Updates feature, the Foursquare platform has become more powerful tool for local businesses to improve broadcasting and promote their business to a huge network of Foursquare users in a cheap way.

Pandora Local Advertising Platforms in US

Pandora which is a popular radio service in US launched the Pandora Local reseller platform, which is platform designed especially for local media companies to promote their advertising products along with Pandora inventory. They have partnered with media organizations such as local TV stations and newspapers that can use Pandora’s mobile technology for advertising their products. They provide a platform for interactive ads, which will help local marketers to target their customers who listen on mobile devices. Universities and colleges can advertise about local benefits and there are more than 800 local advertising campaigns scheduled under Pandora for current year.

Local Business Advertising with Nejola Local Advertising Platforms in US

Nejola is a yet another advertising platform that provides a cost-effective method of advertising for local businesses through smart devices especially Android smart phones. Instead of advertising through traditional platforms such as local TV, radio or newspaper which are expensive and requires advance planning, local businesses can reach a huge audience through this mobile advertising platform. Small business owners can just sign up with and post their offers any time before the start of the event/deal which is a good choice for limited time meal deals, happy hours in restaurants, bars and more. The deals will be immediately published to all users who have installed the Nejola mobile app in their smart phones.

Adoozle Local Advertising Platform Local Advertising Platforms in US

Adoozle is a platform for local internet advertising that uses a unified framework of web content, microsites, messaging and advertising to present effective online marketing and generate direct response phone calls / leads for local businesses. Adoozle makes use of interactive turn-key microsites to make sure that they reached good SEO in order to achieve the rankings and visibility for providing cost-effective leads. These microsites are search engine optimized in order to ensure maximum customer engagements and good generation of leads. There is also an image gallery which allows small business users to promote their services and products by uploading images. It allows on-page interactive contact through email, social bookmarking, online forms, text message coupons and much more.

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