Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer The go-to Place to Buy & Sell Anything Across India the go to place to buy sell anything across India. OLX is the best online classifieds and listings site out there.

Out of the plethora of classified and listing sites on the Internet, one stands out – OLXis perhaps one of the fastest-growing sites in this category and as several online reviews will attest to, it enjoys the trust of many sellers and buyers.

This is very important as you really want to use a site that offers a straightforward and easy-to-navigate experience. As OLX also has a Pan-India presence(OLX has city based categorization such as OLX Chennai, OLX Delhi, etc), both buyers and sellers from India will find this to be their first choice among online classifieds sites!


OLX offers a variety of attractive features that ate a fantastic draw for anyone looking for a classifieds site. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. It’s free! While you have the option of paying for an ad, you can also go in for a basic, free ad.
  2. Attractive ads: You can design your own stylish ad that will surely draw in buyers.
  3. You can connect you ad to your social networking account. This will help in increasing the reach of your ad.
  4. OLX is a global site and lets you reach buyers in 98 countries! It’s also available in 40 different languages!
  5. OLX is easily accessible from smartphones such – Apps are available for iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone and even Blackberry! For those who don’t have smartphones but rely on a trusty feature phone, the mobile OLX site – – works beautifully as you can browse ads, save ads, reply to messages and ads and put up new listings!

Also, for buyers, OLX has some of the best selection of products – whether new or used. In fact, OLX has also been used by people to buy and sell cars, motorcycles, and even properties.

For sellers, the ability to partner with OLX is invaluable as you are given several small widgets that make the experience even better. OLX advertisements can also be embedded in blogs or websites

As is a global site, it has specific online sites for different nations. is the one for India. One advantage this personalised approach has is that OLX is able to offer buyers and sellers access to city and region specific sub-sites and


OLX is perhaps the best online classifieds and listings site out there. For the average Indian consumer who wants to buy or sell anything over the web, appears to be the best option! It has now become more than just a simple site facilitating buying and selling, but is a mini community in itself – OLX also offers job listings and has a well-designed matrimonial section too!

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