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Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you running a small business and want to make it successful? This article will tell you about some guerrilla marketing ideas for small businesses.

Running a business is not easy and making it successful, tougher! Running a small scale business in no way means lesser competition or lesser things to take care of. In fact, handling smaller businesses amid a large number of competitors means an ongoing war to stay afloat. You may be a small fish in the sea, but a bit of creative thinking coupled with some powerful guerrilla marketing tips can strongly establish your brand, without investing millions. The idea is essentially to cash in on unconventional and innovative ideas for maximum impact on the consumer.

Here are a few out of the box ideas to help you stay on top.

Establish and Showcase your Brand Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for small businesses

Most importantly, as a brand you should use tactics that would not only attract people’s attention and turn their heads to your promos, but you also need to tell them its practicality, usability, how you are different and what new you offer. There are obvious competitors to every business, but informing them about your strengths and how you are unique would make you stand out. Sometimes tactics such as questioning the consumer and having a mystery element can work wonders!

Murals and Posters

This has been a tremendously exciting way of making your presence felt, and it has scope for a lot of creativity. Uniquely designed, massive, larger than life hangings, posters and banners over buildings instantly attract attention. Plastered murals, window displays and Graffiti’s with eye catching slogans too are a hugely successful concept. These leave the consumers amazed and compel them to try the brand.

Go Online

There is perhaps no business which can do without marketing online. Newer ways of internet marketing such as creative web mailers, adverts, QR codes, newsletters, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter promos can viral the net giving you the much needed visibility.

Outdoor and Live Elements

This can be fun for the consumer wherein everyday elements and situations are utilized for product promotion. Painted taxis, banners carried on people’s backs, massive promos on aircraft provide ease of mobility. Wearing promo T shirts, conducting flash mobs and distributing leaflets and sticky notes is another option.

Make Them Feel Distinctive

Make your customer feel unique by occasionally giving only a section of them special invites and discounts. Occasional offers and invitation to previews makes them feel respected, and they value you as a brand.

Indirect Links

Apart from approaching the consumers directly, other indirect means such as targeting linking pins and cashing in on aspects related to your product can also help. With promoting your brand through free product distribution to professional experts can help as consumers tend to imitate experts and seeing they endorse your brand could make them buy your product in the future.

Monitor Health of Business

On an ongoing basis, determine the health of your brand by conducting surveys and tests and allow feedback and a place for them to talk about your product, discuss their issues etc. This is vital since it will help you keep a tab on how things are progressing and if there are possible loopholes. Some promos may unknowingly disrupt the chord between you and the consumers thereby damaging the goodwill.


Assigning a PR agency, collaborations, holding exhibitions, door to door selling and outdoor installations are often regularly used by companies. Designing unique business cards, inviting locals to a memorable evening program over drinks, body art, and even upholding social causes can be a terrific way for promoting your business.

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