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How to Check Pending Friend Requests on Facebook

Many times we send a friend request and forget to keep track of them. Get tips on how to check pending friend requests on Facebook timeline.

Social media presence is the biggest signboard for any individual in the world of internet. It has occupied the pivotal position in the internet culture and if someone is not having at least one account with any of the social media he/she would be looked down by others for sure. The meaning of social networking is to keep in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues. But it has gone beyond that and has become a successful business platform for not only being in touch with the customers but also to promote the new products/services.

A majority of the people is using Facebook to keep in touch with the people and/or customers. A wall post on Facebook works faster than a phone call as it gets updated in real time and can be accessed through any Smartphone. As the logic behind social media is ‘networking’, many new faces would be trying to get connected with others.

Facebook is a one stop shop for sharing the news and views with many others. By sending some friend requests or accepting some friend requests we can chat or be in touch with them. In Facebook a connection is established through ‘Friend Requests’. These requests would be kept pending unless the account holder would accept them.

Pending Friend Requests in Facebook would be made known to the account holder through emails. They also appear on the ‘timeline’ of the account holder. There are several options to get the information on pending friend requests. By following some steps we can see all the pending friend requests.

Previously, it was possible to view all the pending friend requests, but after Facebook has changed its interface it became impossible to view all the requests through direct interface. It was only possible to view yet to be confirmed or pending. But by simply following the below steps, one can find the pending friend requests easily.

Steps to be followed to check pending friend requests

  • Firstly log in to your Facebook account.
    How to Check Pending Friend Requests in Facebook Timeline
  • Click on ”Account Settings” option from the “Settings” menu.
  • Then you can see the table with the title “General Account Settings”.
  • Click the option “Download a copy” which could be seen right below the General Settings list.
  • Then you can see a page with the title” Download your information”.
  • Here we need to download the archive and then click on the option called “Start My Archive”.
  • Now a dialogue box with “Start my archive” option pops up. Depending upon the traffic on Facebook at that time, it would generally take couple of hours to archive the whole data.
  • Subsequently an email confirmation would be received that the archive is ready.
  • After receiving the mail download the archive from the given link. You would need to wait for few minutes to get the archiving done.
  • Once you have downloaded the archive, extract the same. It generally contains HTML file with file name “index”.
  • By clicking on the index file, we can see the pending requests details under “Friends”. This header could be seen in the left panel.
  • Click on it and go to an option shown as “Sent Friend Requests.”
  • Again run the index.html file where there can be seen an option called “Pending Sent Friend Requests” with the list of ids of friends under it.
  • You can even see the received friends’ requests that are pending for your approval.
  • Here you can also view friends whom we have deleted from your account.
  • After completion of this process, you can find the pending friend requests.



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