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How to Embed YouTube Video In Gmail Signature

Did you ever thought that you can even embed a YouTube video in your Gmail Signature? This article will tell you how to embed YouTube video in Gmail Signature.

Sending mails with the same boring signature? There are plenty of ways that you can spruce up your signature. You can add your own logo or any other image and nowadays you can even embed a YouTube video in the Gmail signature.

The YouTube video can be something you like and say something that you believe in and hence you want to spread the word with every mail. You can either send a link or embed the video itself. You need to click the settings tab and go through the lab section to select the type of signature you want with your mails.

How to Embed YouTube Video In Gmail SignatureYou can also send a home video recording but of course you need to know where it is saved on your computer to upload it. In case of YouTube videos you need to download it using the YouTube video Downloader.

This software is free to download online. Using the software you can download any video from YouTube and save it on your computer.

You need to understand the size of the video you are planning to send. Just hover the mouse for a few seconds on the video file and you will be able to see the size.

The format in which you send the video should also be carefully thought out. The whole point in making your emails interesting will be lost if the receiver of your mail is not able to open the video or finds it difficult to download the mail because of the bulky video. The best option is to always opt for the .wmv format that makes it easy for most people to view it.

Almost everybody has windows media player on their computer so this format is the safest to use. At times the .avi format is also acceptable but there may be rare cases where a person may not be able to play it. In order to view the .divx format the software to play this will can be downloaded for free. The .Mp4 is easily sent through even an iPod so obviously this should not be a problem over e-mail.

At times if you have tried sending huge videos from your computer you would have seen it taking hours so you cannot expect the receiver to wait for so long to download it. Instead you can upload the video to YouTube and then send the link to the receiver. You can always go to the YouTube site and make the video private so that no one else can see it.

If you want to send any sort of fancy signature you must go to the signature settings of the general tab. The option is at the top right. If you go down you will see the option signature which you can click and follow instructions.

You can insert an image or even social media icons. However remember to upload it your server first. You cannot send a link that is on a server belonging to someone else. Make your e-mail interesting and let people look forward to them because of the interesting videos and images in your signature.

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