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Insofter is a one stop shop for all your software needs consisting of a huge database of software. Get tips on Insofter in this article.

Are you always anxious about downloading applications from a reliable online source? And look for a spyware and bug-free platform to meet all your application download requirements. If yes, this is where your search finally ends. Today we get you introduced to a unique and unexampled all at one platform where you can download applications meeting all your needs in a hassle free manner,

Sometimes, it becomes a really daunting task to download applications from multiple websites. And how you wished there was one just one single website from where all your softwares could be downloaded in a flash. This is where scores and seamlessly exceeds your expectations. It is a one stop site through which you can download almost all frequently used home and business software’s.

This website  is more specifically a catalogue which doesn’t just serve as a software webopedia but also a download store .The outlook and approach of the site is simple, user friendly and precise with a search option. The search option facilitates a drop down within which you can select the section according to your requirement. Additionally the site offers you the option of a label in which you can enter the word and click on the search icon which is aligned to the label.  When you do so the details you have searched would be displayed.

On the home page, the website presents the latest technology news and feeds from all the latest happenings in the software world. Each news which flashes on the home page is hyperlinked and when you click on it, it redirects you to the information with regards to the application. For instance, if you wish to download “portable Super Putty password Decryptor 1.0 “, then the first option would be that you click on the download button which is on the right hand side itself. But in case you need to know the details about the software you would need to click on the hyperlink to view the technical description, FAQ and Subscribing options. Out here you can also share the link with your friends, colleagues and circle. Alongside, you will also be able to see other related software and alternatives .In case you reach a broken link you can report that instantly from the link provided there.Insofter also has a sterling web and social media presence. You can connect to them on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with them and receive the latest web updates. From here you can also copy embeddable code and also get the widget  without much fuss. To get back to the home page click on the option “Home” or you could also choose to browse the various other tabs in the web UI.

The left panel of the site, showcases the categories like- Browsers and plug-ins,  File sharing, Messaging and chat, File transfer,  office and news, Developer tools,Anti-malware,  Firewalls and security,  System tuning,  compression and Backup, Networking and Admin, Audio and video , CD and DVD Tools, Desktops, photos and images and the Drivers. Apart from this each section is further divided into sub categories. Let’s take an example of Browsers and Plug-ins (under this section) – you will be able to see the various trending Browsers and plug-ins. Now, if you click on the Browsers->all the browsers with the latest versions would be displayed with the option to download.  Each of them is categorized by ratings, platform, and language and also displays the number of occasions the browser has been downloaded. If you click on the hyperlink of the browser then you will be able to see the details of the browser such as description, technical, subscribe etc. Also you will be able to find the previous versions of that specific browser. Here also you are enabled with the same facilities which were available in the news panel section.

On the Home page, in the right hand panel you will be able to see, the list of the top 20 software’s which has been downloaded most number of times. When you click on it, it will direct you to the description page of the software.

In case you are having any issues or queries then you can go through the contacts us page, the link to which is available on the bottom panel of the site. Upon clicking on it and you will be able to find the details of admin, support, advertise and abuse ids. Even if you wish to add some reviews or bytes with regards to various widgets then you can go to the widgets section, the link to which is available towards the bottom panel.It also shows the details of the last widgets added to the site. You are also requested to go through the terms of usage of the site, which actuate the various points you should keep in mind while browsing through the website.

To conclude, one of the authentic and reliable site from where you u can download any updated software in matter of few clicks. However couple of things which we would have really loved to see on the website is a Live Chat support to answer queries of users who are not tech savvy instantly(of course within a support hour window) and a blog section where the site users could have interacted and shared their views on various topics. This would have also led impetus to the interaction quotient of the website.

But leaving this apart, we are really impressed with the overall website presentation and wouldn’t be surprised to see hit the zenith in no time!

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