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Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

You can take advantages of a social networking even for getting boom in your business. Learn Affiliate marketing on Pinterest in this article.

Were you under the impression that Pinterest is a social blogging site that deals with only photographs? Well that is not the case as Pinterest can also serve as a very important site for marketing your business. Read on to find out how you can market your business in Pinterest.

Pinterest is pretty much the place to be! For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a blogging/social networking site where users such as yourself can ‘pin’ images, videos, and other stuff – all arranged by the theme. While it’s a great place to meet other like-minded users and fans of similar stuff, did you know that Pinterest is also a great marketing tool?


Yes, Pinterest can really help your e-commerce site, especially by helping drive affiliate sales. In fact, according to many studies, Pinterest marketing campaigns have a far higher conversion rate than other sales and marketing mediums.

Set up your Account

Pinterest accounts are invite-only but you can gain access by requesting an invite on the Pinterest site.

Be aware of the Pinterest Demographic

Pinterest is very popular with women  – some studies say that the majority of Pinterest users is women, mainly from the US. This makes Pinterest especially useful for affiliate programs that target women

Build up your Pinterest Presence

target audienceRepin stuff that relates to your field or area of interest; Like other pinned stuff; Follow other users who are in your ; Start pinning stuff related to your products or affiliate deals. Do remember to put up a proper profile photo and biography. Don’t make it obvious that you’re promoting sales on Pinterest – avoid placing blatantly promotions or marketing-oriented photos!

Promote your Pinterest Account

By simply using the site, following other users interested in your stuff, re-pinning others’ images and links, and commenting on pinned items, you’ll be gaining exposure. You can also submit your pages to sites such as, and on your Twitter or Facebook pages.

You can let other users follow you by using ‘Pin-it’ links on your website. So, other users can also spread the word about you, your affiliates, or your products!

Change the Privacy Settings

Once you’ve got everything set up, don’t forget to check your default Pinterest settings. That’s because by default, Pinterest hides your pages from web search engines and crawlers.

Analyse Your Performance and Make Changes Accordingly

You can monitor the performance of your pages using Google analytics and Pinterest’s own tools. Once you know what users like, and what is working for you, you’ll be better placed for your marketing programme.

Hopefully, these tips will let you get started driving your affiliate sales up on Pinterest. Just follow these tips and soon, your affiliate programme could be doing very well!

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