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10 Most Popular Social Network Search Engines

Social network search engines help in many ways to search. 10 most popular social  network search engines are listed in this article.

World Wide Web is truly a vast infinitude of knowledge in which you can find every possible thing that exists and that even does not exist yet. Most of our time on the internet is spent while searching for information on a certain topic or looking for people which we know and are trying to know. Most of the search results are fetched from social networks in the form of posts, tweets or even profile details wherever applicable and necessary.


Spokeo is a much modern and intelligent version of our old Grandma’s phonebook. It accumulates data from both online and offline resources which includes social networks, phone directories, marketing surveys, photo albums, govt. censuses, mailing lists, real estate resources and other business websites. This data may be comprised of estimated wealth and property figures and demographic data as well.


yoName is a strictly social networking based search engine which will search the social networks only, the most popular ones be; Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, LinkedIn, Dailymotion, Flickr and many more.

The search criteria can be first or last name, e-mail address, username or even a phone number. Just type the desired keyword and hit Yo! The results will be segregated according to the different social networks so that the information is legit.

 Google Social Search

Whenever the term ‘search’ turns up, the only one name that comes to mind is Google. Using Google, you can easily search people in your personal social circle. Though, you are required to be signed in to your Google account to use this feature.

 Social Mention

Social Mention allows you to search content results for a specific term. You can search blogs, micro-blogs, bookmarks, networks, images, events, public comments, audio, video, news and questions related to your desired search term.  Using this tool, you may find out what people are blogging about you or your product and services. You also have the option of activating alerts in your e-mail in real time whenever there is a new search result available regarding your query., also known as the ‘social white pages’, in analogous to an online directory. The plus point here is that the sites have been categorized into various tabs such as Social (includes sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.), professional (like Likedln), academic (Google, MIT etc.), blogs, general etc.

Just enter the full name of the person of interest and results will be shown according to the networks.


This site can be used to find and even contact people that are available online. This is one of the largest social search engines with over 200 million profiles under consideration, including social networking and other online communities. You can also contact other users that you come across using Wink. You can easily select the preferred method via which you would like to be contacted to.


Folowen is another social media search engine which is powered by Google itself. The advantage of using this tool is that it gathers information about the desired people or organizations from various social networks and coagulates the entire information into a single search result. So with this engine, it is very easy to follow a person or an organization be it on Facebook, Twitter, Likedln, YouTube or any other popular social hub.

 Same Point

Same Point was originally designed to allow brands and companies to monitor their popularity and to observe consumer feedback and behavior. It is set to make available the largest database of social media in a simple ‘search box’ type interface. This site is helping individuals to look around for the ‘Buzz’ about themselves or their brand, products or services.

Whos Talkin is also a social media search engine that allows one to search conversations related to their topic of interest. Be it your favorite movie, sport, food, celebrity or even your own company. Using this tool, you can easily dig in and take part into those conversations within no time.


Sightix is originally an Israel based social media search tool that gives you even those results which are not available on Google. This tool is applicable to every social networking platform available and performs searches taking into consideration your personal social networking tree.

In simpler words, it will consider your account and other connections to your account every time you perform a search using this engine.

Being pretty new members of the virtual world, ‘Social Media Search Engines’ are still in developing stages and are yet to gain as much popularity as the ‘Social Networks’ themselves. But still, if you are to look up for a person in this limitless pool of personal profiles, these special search engines may prove to be more than handy.

Though these search engines are not as efficient as the generic ones but still you will get much more than you will bargain for.

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