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Social Network Disadvantages Essay

Social networking have advantages from promotion point of view but have disadvantages also. Go through the social network disadvantage essay.

Being addicted to the net through Facebook or other social networking sights is not a crime or a negative trait, However, the communication that you involve in through your social networking site is prone to various kinds of disadvantages. Follow the given tips to know what are the disadvantages of social netwrjubg sites,

So, are you the happy guy, always on Facebook?  We are not here to make a fuss about your social or internet habits .Everybody has the right to express and socialize and it is no crime If the social network is your podium.

Social Networking Disadvantages

However, with the earth spinning our online practices are becoming all the more open.  The words public and private are becoming synonymous whereas they should be located polls apart.  Here, we will discuss the various Social Networking Disadvantages.                                                                                                        

Identity Theft and Trespassing

And, you thought social networks are all about only bunch of good people smiling at each other.  Most of the times we are not careful enough about the information or details we share on the web.

As some of the social networks host questions which are “mandatory fields” for registration like email id, date of birth, employment and educational history.

But it might just act as Boomerang , as using the same information a hacker can easily track your social security bank accounts and credit card details. Rest can well be history!  How about getting associated with an in fraudulent activity or crime?  Anybody can use your name to commit a crime!

Information known about you can be mal-handled

Some folks enthusiastically post photographs of various life events like graduation party, Parties over weekends, travels, road trips etc. Share their social, political or religious views, sexual orientation and even relationships.

Agreed, that freedom to express vests with everybody. But revealing this information on social network could be misinterpret and mal-handled. After all, you never know what you would have said or done to offence another individual or community.   Albeit, the creators of Facebook or Twitter would have never predicted that their social media engines might lead to mass stirring podiums like this. But, that’s reality!

No checkpoint on using information related to you

Social networks earn revenue through let-in ad space to various franchise or products and even before you know your vital information is auto fed to them using web services Thus, naturally information you would otherwise avoid to give to various third party businesses is already with them. And if you didn’t already know it, we reckon you are little too late!

Who is your circle or Friends list?

Her display picture allured you so much that you clicked the “Accept” button. But you never for once thought, if you personally knew her. Go back to your friend lists and circles and check how many of them you personally know or have met.

Having buddy-network across the globe is definitely worth. But do you know what your “X” friend does in life apart from just being your friend; You might have mutual interests like Photography, Martial Arts or Biking  but sometimes that is just not enough!

Using your intellectual property without your consent

Goes without saying, some of you reading this article are creative and innovative enough and spend lot of time creating art forms or designing devices, writing or simply thinking something out of the box.

You would absolutely hate it, if you see somebody else using your creation labeling it with his name without your consent. We call it copyright infringement and you would have no control over it as it was you who shared it on the social network some time back.

The Final Word

We are not against social networks, but as matured individuals we should understand the difference between permissible and prohibited. Let us make social networks a healthier place to stroll!

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