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“Google Zeitgeist 2008” & “Yahoo! Top 10 2008” have NO MATCH !

In this article we will tell you about Google Yahoo top searches comparison.

As the year is about to end,Google has announced its list of most popular search terms(called ‘The Zeitgeist’) for the year 2008 and the list is quite interesting and not-so-obvious like Yahoo’s.

Astoundingly,the top two search engines(Google and Yahoo!) didn’t have a single search term in common in their Top 10 lists except ‘obama'(there also,Google had ‘Obama’ and Yahoo! had ‘Barack Obama’ hence not quite precisely matching).

Below are some really interesting conclusions on these Top 10 searches of Google & Yahoo! but before that,have a look at the two lists :

Here is Google’s list of Fastest Rising searches :1. Sarah palin

2. Beijing 2008

3. Facebook login

4. Tuenti

5. Heath ledger

6. Obama

7. Nasza klasa

8. Wer kennt wen

9. Euro 2008

10. Jonas brothers

And here’s the Yahoo’s list of Top 10 searches(with ‘obama’ being the only common top search )

1. Britney Spears

2. WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

3. Barack Obama

4. Miley Cyrus

5. RuneScape

6. Jessica Alba

7. Naruto

8. Lindsay Lohan

9. Angelina Jolie

10. American Idol

From the above two lists,there are some interesting conclusions came out which tell more about the division of loyal users of the top two search engines.

1. Google had both the sports mega events(Beijing 2008 and Euro 2008) rising to the top 10 searches but Yahoo! didn’t have any of the two in its top 10 list.Looks like sports fanatics(who are hungry for sports facts,latest updates,game schedules etc) rely more on Google than Yahoo!.

2. Seven of the top ten Yahoo! searches were somewhat related to Showbiz only.Pop star/actors(Britney, Miley,Jessica,Lindsay,Angelina) and glamourous/spicy shows(American Idol,WWE) dominated the Top 10 list.This clearly shows the tendency of glamour/showbiz loving masses more inclined towards Yahoo!.

3. Social Networks(specially regional) are in ‘high-demand’ on Google.Facebook(International),Wer kennt wen(German),Tuenti(Spain),Nasza klasa(Poland) are all in the Top 10 list(Google).In contrast,Yahoo! didn’t have a single social network in its top 10 searches.It seems social networks(specially local) are finding better growing opportunites on Google than Yahoo!.

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