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Review: Movavi Video Converter Software

Movavi is a cheap video format converter software that comes with plethora of features

Movavi Video Converter is a very intuitive video converter capable of interconverting videos of almost any format. Rather than using the basic approach of converting the video files to specified format, it takes on the approach of converting the video on the basis of the device on which the video is to be played.

Movavi Video Converter already contains database containing the video conversion profiles for almost all mobile phones and portable devices. So it is best suited for converting videos to play them on a mobile device.

How It Works?

  • Select the file(s), or the folder containing the files to be converted. You can also directly select the DVD drive containing the DVD to be converted.
  • Now select the mobile phone or the portable device on which you wish to transfer the videos or select the video specifications yourself.
  • Just click the convert button and you’re done!


  • It has preloaded profiles of more than 200 devices including Apple iPods, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, etc. mobile phones.
  • It also allows joining two or more videos, and making them into a single video.
  • Many plugins are available to perform various tasks, viz., uploading directly to a Sony PSP.
  • You can also play videos of different formats in the converter.

Scope of Improvement:

  • The user interface can be improved a bit and can be made more fluidic.
  • Even though a lot of device profiles are already available, video profiles for a lot of devices are still not present

Overall Movavi video converter does its job pretty well. The additional plugins might be useful for only a few people but are definitely a plus point. The program is easy to use and straightforward, but still a lot of improvements can be made.

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