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Google Real-time Search Alternative

There are many search engines available in the market. This article will tell you about Google real-time search alternative.

It’s going to be a rare scenario if we find that internet users are unaware of Google. For some internet starts with Google and ends as well! The premium search engine. Its founder members Larry page and Sergey Brin took the initiative to bring Google to life in the year 1997. And today it’s the name doing extensive rounds all over the globe.  There is no boundation on Google regarding any of the search criteria or topic search at any point of time.

Some of the challengers in the field of search engines are Baidu & from China. There are some others in the rally from countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Russia. One of the most important features in Google is supported link which we get on some specific topics and direct links to other topics. Google has a vast range of features through which it can provide near flawless information. According to some researches it can be estimated to have around 22 special headliners incorporated with it. Not only that, they also have the option of wildcard (variable) character search which has also included near about 15 options in it.

When we talk about Google Real-time we get aware that it is one of the special features which were inculcated by Google. In which they dealt with some real time information from some events which were taking place live. This was done via Facebook, News channels, Twitter or some other blog sites. It got introduced in the month of December 2009 but vanished in the year 2011. As the deal which took place between Google and Twitter expired.

Handling the real time search could have been a tedious work as getting the live feed would have been the priority.  Some of the options which could be considered while real-time has stopped are:

1. Collecta

Google real-time search alternative

It provides the hot topics which are doing the rounds in the market. As they do maintain the records from different blog posts, tweets, articles and many more options. And according to the popularity of the content the ranking keeps on changing according to the sequence. You are also having an option of narrowing your search.

2. Leap Fish

Google real-time search alternative

It allows you to search based on two formats one is via conventional findings and other is the option of real time features. It will provide you with top notch news items, blogs etc.  It also provides you with the feature of filter where you can get outcomes based on Videos, images etc.

3. One Riot

Google real-time search alternative

It provides you two options for searching any content one is real time and the other is a pulse. It will show you the recent content which has been added to the search. According to the pulse it is based on the socially valid information or contents provided. They have also the records of the content that when it has last searched and when was it shared. It also reveals the name of the user who shared the content first.

4. Scoopler

Indexes the contents which it receives from different sources like blogs, articles etc.  The search in it is divided into two ways one is popular shares and other is live posts. It also has one feature which is active when you hover your mouse on the search option.

5. Thoora

You can search anything based on your requirement. It moves ahead with a traditional appeal.

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