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How to Disable Google Verification Code

Google verification code helps in keeping privacy but if you want to disable it then learn how to disable Google verification code over here.

We’ve all heard of some user’s account getting hacked. In fact, Internet security is a very big deal in the online world, and most users have opted for strong passwords and some sort of antivirus or security program for their computer.

Google Verification Code

Google has also increased security for users of Gmail with its two-factor authentication. This security system uses a verification code sent to your cellphone whenever you log in. You then have to enter that verification code at Gmail’s site – along with your password.

This system has proven to be quite secure as any hacker will also need to have access to your cellphone in order to gain access to your account. However, this Google account verification is not suitable for many users.

Those of you who frequently access the Internet in places with a low cellular signal might not be well served by this two-factor authentication service. Other Gmail users who depend on third-party apps and services might also not be able to make this work.

For such users, it is indeed possible to disable the Google Authentication Code. So, if you have no need for the authentication code method of account verification, this is what you should do:

  1. Log in to Gmail using your password and authentication code
  2. Select your Google Account settings
  3. Select the ‘2 step verification’ option from under ‘Security’ settings
  4. Click on ‘Turn off 2-step verification)
  5. Click OK  in the confirmation dialog box.

This method should allow you to easily turn off Google’s Account Verification Code system. In fact, for most users, a strong password that uses a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers should provide adequate levels of security.  And if you ever feel the need to enable 2-step security again, you can easily do so by logging into your account and going to the Settings page!

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