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How to Keep Your Online Passwords Safe

This article will help you in keeping your online passwords safe. Find the complete details about it below.

Internet security should be a top priority for anyone while surfing the web. Individuals don’t want their personal information to be stolen by anyone who can access or guess their passwords. Businesses don’t wish to be targeted by competitors, who make unethical hacking as their tool and steal trade secrets. So it’s a tough task to protect your online passwords, especially when you’re being aggressively targeted. Look further for possible solutions.

how to keep your online passwords safe

Use Key Encryption To Help Secure Your Network 

Key based encryption will turn your passwords into a jumble of letters and numbers to anyone who views it. This makes cracking your password virtually impossible for most people. Anyone who wants to crack your code will spend a lot of time and money doing so. This generally makes it a losing proposition for the average thief or hacker. Using a company such as Venafi could help your business stay safe while being online. Venafi best practice suggestions can help guide your company when it comes to encryption management.

Include Symbols In Your Password 

Including symbols in your password gives you an element of surprise. Most hackers try to guess your password by using numbers and letters. A lot of programs will try to do the same thing. The exclamation point(!) makes a great substitute for the number ‘1’. The @ character makes a great lowercase ‘a’. This substitution turns 1a into !@. How many people are going to guess that? Using symbols is also a good idea when you are surfing the web because you can avoid targeted ads based on any words you may use online.

Change Your Password Frequently

Internet security is very important. Don’t risk your business or personal information because you don’t want to change your password. Make sure that you are changing your password at least once every 90 days. It is easier to change a password than it is to prove you didn’t make those credit card charges. Getting your life back after identity theft can be very time consuming and quite stressful.

Also try to use different passwords for each program that you use. For example, your Facebook account should not have the same password as your Twitter account. Hackers will attempt to crack your passwords by first using words and phrases from other programs. So it’s wise to make use of random password generators if you don’t know how to come up with a variety of strong passwords.

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