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Sponsored Tweets vs

This article is detailed about the two most popular Twitter advertising networks namely Sponsored Tweets vs

Twitter is emerging as a popular social media hub as more and more celebrities are joining this platform from all over the world. And as we know that advertising is an integral part of social media, Twitter is also one of those platforms that support advertising.

Sponsored Tweets vs

This is one of those new Twitter advertising platforms that cater to the high end advertisers like Microsoft, Sony and NBC etc. to reach out to the masses through medium and high end publishers on Twitter.

It streams advertisements within your twitter posts. As a publisher, your role is to approve those ads to be posted via your posts and you can set your own price for that too.

This site insists on having disclaimers on advertisements and follows all the legal obligations of social media advertising. Each tweet has an (Ad) tag with them. Though this website does not allow you to customize your tweet message intended for advertising purposes.

This website allows you to make PayPal transactions when you reach $ 50 in your account. Also the site allows you to draw payments using cheque as well.

They have a very impressive list of celeb collaborations such as Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Brody Jenner, Brooke Burke, Samantha Ronson and Dr. Drew. The website also allows you, if you intend to, to donate a portion of your earnings to any charity of your choice.

The website has also started a referral program, in which you are supposed to draw more publishers using your referral link. You will be getting a specific percentage of what they make for a certain period of time which, supposedly, grows with time.

 Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a bit different from The major difference here is that you will be paid on the basis of per tweet rather than per campaign. You have the option of customizable disclaimers like #spon, ad, sponsored etc. This site is IZEA’s latest advertising network. IZEA is a pioneer in social media marketing and sponsored conversations. It is being sponsored by Social Spark and Pay Per Cost.

Sponsored Tweets is inclined more towards internet celebs particularly like Shoemoney and John Chow but smaller publishers on Twitter also have fair chances to get good offers.

Although both the social media advertisers are equally competent but there may be situations where you need to go with one. It will be advocated that you sign up for both these advertisers to make more revenue but focus on for better results. is backed up by several big advertisers like NBC, Nestle, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Microsoft etc.

These bigger brands implies they have more advertising budgets which is good for you as you have more chances of availing multiple advertising offers. Also you need to be very quick because in some cases there are limited period offers for you which you are supposed to accept within a short span, sometimes as short as a day even.

Sponsored Tweets will be beneficial for you only if either you are a celebrity or you are quite popular among the masses to follow you. But they certainly pay you more than any other advertiser provided you are popular enough to get more than average offers every day.

It is ultimately up to you which slot do you put yourself into and benefit from it the most.

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