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Review: Microsoft Touch Mouse

Here’s Microsoft touch mouse review and why it is worth buying. Check complete details here:

The term ‘everyday tasks’ is used rather nonchalantly in daily conversation, to encompass an incalculable array of activities. And with the everyday being increasingly driven by technology, the demand for more intuitive and seamless devices is at an all time high.

Teamed with a seemingly collective aspiration to be more productive with less effort, this demand has seen an influx of devices and applications on the market all claiming to address this need, not least of which is the Microsoft Touch Mouse.

It’s safe to say that, were it not for my beloved PC, I would be incapable of carrying out the majority of my ‘everyday tasks’. So it’s no surprise (not to me, anyway) that when it comes to user experience, my expectations are steadily increasing.

I hate nothing more than having to stop in the middle of paying a bill, writing an email or flicking between various documents because my system isn’t keeping up with me. I’m light years away from understanding computer programming, but if what I think I should be able to do isn’t possible, I’m immediately frustrated.

So when I started testing this touch mouse from Microsoft, it was with a no-holds-barred approach – do what I need or be damned! Lucky for both of us, the intuitive navigation meets ergonomic sturdiness of this little gem set it apart from the other varieties on the market in what I deem to be very important ways.

When it comes to touch-enabled devices, one of my pet peeves is over-responsiveness – you know, when the merest twitch of a finger causes an array of commands that have windows popping up everywhere, applications launching and an array of ‘are you sure you want to insert random command here’ dialog boxes that can seriously damage one’s calm.

So first and foremost in my review, I am happy to say that the touch pad is not over-sensitive but is an intuitive and responsive device that responds to slightly more deliberate gestures, resulting in smooth sailing on the navigational front.

And while we’re on the subject of navigation, (I’ll be dropping in some tech-speak at this point) the built-in BlueTrack technology means this wireless mouse can be used on almost any surface without sacrificing tracking speed or control.

This is a big plus for me – I have a desk…somewhere. But most of the time I’m working from my couch/bed/floor-where-I’ve-cleared-a-space and the mouse runs just as smoothly on all of these surfaces as it would if I was using it on a clean desk, like a grown-up.

I hate to admit it, but I’m an extremely impatient person. I loathe instruction booklets; skip through movie scenes when they begin to drag and am easily distracted by…lint. So very, very big on my ‘list of likes’ is that I wasn’t required to learn any complex gestures in order to take advantage of what this Touch Mouse has on offer.

Even though I’ve been a user of touch-based technology for a while, I strongly believe that even a first-timer would get the hang of this device pretty swiftly. In what I found to be a very logical approach, the gestures (one, two and three finger) directly correlate to the level at which you wish to interact – One Finger for your standard navigation, Two Fingers for managing a specific application and Three Fingers for large-scale commands like viewing/hiding all open applications and switching between the ones you are using.

This is really all you need to know in order to get started, but if you’re more patient than I am, there’s a whole range of other capabilities to discover, either as you work or through more in-depth tutorials.

While the touch features only operate in conjunction with the Windows 7 environment, the mouse itself is still highly responsive and easy to use with any operating system. Even my Mac User friends have commented on its ergonomic and navigational soundness when I lent it out as an alternative to their Apple Magic Mouse. All in all, the Microsoft Touch Mouse is the directive, ergonomic (and in my books, preferable) option for anyone in the market.

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