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Skrill Vs PayPal Detailed Comparison

Skrill vs PayPal detailed comparison

This article will tell you about detailed comparison between Skrill and PayPal. Find the complete details below.

Skrill provides a secure and easy way for customers to pay for online purchases without having to provide their financial details. Paypal is considered as safest method for online payments

Skrill is one of the biggest online payment service providers who offer more than hundred local payment options and is accessible in two hundred countries around the globe. Skrill is preferred as the best payment solution by more than 120,000 merchants from different countries.

Skrill provides a secure and easy way for customers to pay for online purchases without having to provide their financial details like bank account number or credit card details to any 3rd party vendors. Skrill is considered to be a cost-effective and cheaper alternative when compared to other payment solutions.

Skrill also known as Moneybookers Ltd. was established in London during the year 2001 and has evolved into a multi-national company with offices in New York, Sofia and London, with more than 400 employees. Skrill is the preferred payment provider for eBay checkout other than PayPal due to its highly secure and user-friendly interface. Skrill has customized its payment solution for making it compatible with eBay platform.

Also, the user-interface is customized in such a way that it is easier for both sellers and buyers involved in online trading to complete their payment transactions hassle-free. You can make your payment either through debit card, credit card or bank transfers in addition to hundred local payment options using the skrill payment solution.

You will also enjoy various benefits like anti-fraud management and risk checks without any extra charges. Skrill frequently conducts risk assessment for payments in order to safeguard both sellers and buyers. They follow strict security standards in order to ensure your financial information and personal information is safeguarded from illegal use by any 3rd parties.

All your financial and personal information is kept secure and encrypted in their database. Users can sign-up to create an account instantly at Skrill. If the seller has preferred Skrill as payment option, then they will get instant notification when a user completes the checkout and makes payment. This fastens the shipping process and transactions are completed hassle- free. Also, users can get free merchant and customer support based on request which is not offered by PayPal.

PayPal is supported in 190 markets and has more than 153 million registered users. It supports 24 currencies throughout the world and is considered as safest method for online payments.  Compared to PayPal, Skrill is cost-effective and cheaper payment alternate which is preferred by many users. PayPal charges the users with 3.75% for each transaction and is an expensive payment solution, whereas Skrill is free of charge for the buyer and only the seller will be charged a minimal fee.

Buyers and sellers choose Skrill over PayPal as it offers an effective payment solution along with enhanced security features like risk assessment and anti-fraud management. More than 25 million people around the world prefer to use Skrill as their payment solution for online purchase.

PayPal does not provide free support service like Skrill and is expensive. But opening an account for buyers is free of cost in both these payment solutions which is a big advantage. In PayPal, there will transaction limit of $500 till the user verifies his bank account or credit card details after which the limit will be removed. In Skrill, there will not be any transaction limits for the user. Both Skrill and PayPal are good payment solutions and users can choose it based on their payment preferences.

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