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How to Tweet More Than 140 Characters on Twitter

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to express with in the word limit of twitter. Learn how to Tweet more than 140 characters on Twitter.

If you are a die hard tweeter, you must have felt many times that 140 characters is little too tight to ‘tweet’ your heart out.Here are a few applications that can help you write longer tweets more than 140 characters.


TwitLonger allows you to write and post longer tweets of more than 140 characters to your Twitter account by setting up read more links. You just need to sign in to it through your twitter account and follow the ‘too much’ talk option. Here, you can write your text in the box given and then click on the “Post” button. TwitLonger is supported by iPad, iPhone and Android.

How to Write Long Tweets


Similar to TwitLonger, JumboTweet enables you to post longer tweets by linking the longer portion of your text in a ‘read more’ link. It saves your tweets and allows you to choose tweets that you should set as private.

Prism Tweets

Prism goes a step ahead to provide higher customization of your Tweets by giving you a choice of text and background colors and font styles for your messages. It also has a text editor and can be used via your twitter account.

Tiny Paste

For information requiring rich text format, this is an excellent option. TinyPaste converts your text into a URL link, which needs to be simply pasted in your tweets. It also allows embed videos to be posted from YouTube and gives you the freedom to set time and access settings to your tweet, making them visible after keying in a password. The Firefox extension allows you to create a TinyPaste document of it.


Eztweets breaks up your tweet content into several text messages allowing Twitter to send out the message. It is not best suited for extremely long text material; it is useful for slightly longer text, which is broken up into multiple tweets or messages.

XL Tweets

If you want to post something having an in-text link, XLTweet can help. It is especially useful in content requiring advanced formatting and their rich text editor lets you customize your Tweets in detail. It enables you to post more, and its URL settings show up better on Twitter.

Rich Tweet

As the name suggests, RichTweet allows you much more than other tools. It allows you simply set images into your content. You can also include videos and titles to your messages and modify HTML settings of your tweets.

Tvit. Me

Just a click and the automatic link shortener of this tool help create a URL. You do not even need to visit any website for this and is a quick way to publish your content on Twitter.

Tiny Chat

Imagine your twitter account turn into an instant messenger. That is possible with TinyChat where you can have detailed conversations using their video conference chat rooms. You can chat at length with several people at once or even have a personal two-way conversation.

So even if you are planning to publish an epic on twitter, do not worry about the word limit for fitting your thoughts. Simply, use these tools to share your creativity with the world and improve your twitter experience

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