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Display URL Best Practices

The display URL is an often overlooked element of ad copy. Get the best tips regarding display URL best practices in the below given article.

In this article we will discuss about Display URLs. All the Display URL best practices  are stated below.

Display URL is the URL which is shown below your ad text in Google Ads displayed on websites. The length of display URL must not be more than 35 characters and is generally same URL used for your website’s homepage. Generally the display URL is fourth line of your Google ads test and indicates the visitors of the ads which website they will go to after clicking it. It need not actually be your website page, but destination URL where user gets landed and display URL root domain must be same. Some of the best practices for your display URL are as below,

Describe the content of your website:

A good display URL should obviously explain about the nature and purpose of your website. If a visitor looking at the advertisement can find out the content of your website just by observing the display URL, then he/she will be clear in making the decision whether to visit your website or not. These URLs will be easily recognized by search engines and can be shared through E-mails or other social media easily as they convey the message to users clearly.

Keep it short and Simple:

Whenever you create a display URL, make it shorter and simple as dictated by the Google Adwords rules. Generally the display URL should not be greater than 35 characters in length and its better you keep it that way. The shorter the URL, easier it is to copy and paste, share on your wall or write on business cards etc.

Using Folders in Display URL:

If you have a very small website with less than ten pages, then it’s not necessary to use folder in your display URL. But if you have a huge e-commerce or business website like or, then you can use folders for display URLs pointing to specific product/page in order to increase the “Click-through-rate”. For instance if you have display URL for live gold rates in and user searches from same, instead of using as display URL, it would be good to use

Using WWW in Display URL:display url best practices

Though most searchers are aware that URLs will ultimately lead to websites, in some demographics using www in display URL can increase your Click-Through-rate resulting in better success of your online ad campaign. This is generally among older crowd who still look for www to know that it will lead to website.

Display URL with keywords synergic to your ad:

When it’s considered good to use a folder for specific product you are promoting through Ads, it will be more efficient to add relevant keywords from the advertisement copy to your display URL. This will be good for visitors who are at beginning of buying cycle and will create a good comparison page. The CTR of display URL within the ad group is considered as one quality factor and it should be tested while designing your display URL. It will be considered as separate entity when finding out the CTR which is used in quality score.

Avoid Using Numbers and dynamic URLs:

Generally it’s good to use keywords which describe your product instead of using some random numbers. For instance is better when compared to  So avoid numbers in your display URL and instead make use of meaningful keywords. Also you should be aware that static URLs are treated separately when compared to dynamic ones and no visitor will be impressed with URLs having “=”, “&” and “?” signs in it. Also URLs are case-sensitive; hence avoid using upper case letters in your display URL.


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