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Get Free SMS Alerts When Your Website is Down

Many paid services offer SMS alerts when your website goes down. Learn the tips to get free SMS alerts when your website is down.

Web technology has shrunk the world. As even if the individual is in the remotest part of the location on the globe can express and share his/her views through the internet and reach to a wide range of people across the globe without much fuss or ado. The brimming up of social networking sites and the different blogs has made this possible. As there is not a single penny required to share your views with millions of people across because there are many sites where the services are offered free of costs.

There are many individuals who pen down their blogs just to share their views, while for others this might be the only source of income. So it makes sense for the owner to stay updated about all that’s happening in the front and back-end of the website. Starting from the access of the site to the down time and load. So that the administrator/owner can take actions to get it rectified without much ado.

There is a wide range of tools which are available for tracking the sites up and down time and sending SMS alerts to the end user/admin/owner. get free sms alerts when your website is downBut unfortunately are available in trials or demo versions or are coming with lots and lots of restrictions and limitations.

So why not work on building your own web site controlling services. Google docs enable end users to handle the monitoring process of the website. Google Docs allows the user to get instant alerts via SMS or emails on their mobile phones as soon as the site is down or is unavailable for the access of the users.

They allow the user to monitor unlimited websites or the blogs for the up/downtime. The alerts of the text are routed via the Google calendar due to which they are free. They show you the status of the site in 60 seconds. The processes of getting it implemented are described below:

  • The user will have to use the option of Website Monitor which is visible in the menu bar. As soon as you click there will be a text editor visible which will prompt you to enter the details related to Website URLs, email Address (where the user wishes to receive the downtime alerts) and SMS Notifications.
  • In the URL options, you should mention the names of the URLs for which the monitoring has to take place which should be separated by the commas.
  • As you have mentioned the details you can move ahead towards saving it. The user can close the sheet as the doc has been saved and it has started monitoring the websites which you have already mentioned in the URL.
  • None other user apart from you could access the details of your site. You are the authorized person who can enable or disable any of the services as per your requirements.
  • For SMS user will have to get his /her mobile number registered with Google Calendar. And then click on the icon of gear which is visible on the top of the page. Select the Calendar from the drop down menu. Then click on the mobile setup tab.
  • Enter the appropriate country and phone number. Before requesting the verification check whether the provider is supported. And if it’s supported click on the verification option.
  • Once you receive the message enter the code and click on the save button. Finally you are ready for the alerts.
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