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Tips for Handling Pop Ups on your Blog

Pop Ups many time helps but sometimes disturbs the proceedings. Learn the tips for handling Pop Ups on your blog and work efficiently.   

Since their very introduction, pop ups have been the best way to engage and attract users. These are impeccable tools to get email and newsletter subscribers very effectively.


These are also one of those online resources which can be used to market new products and services. But at some times, these pop ups may become annoying for the user and may even make them paranoid and suspicious of illegitimate activities on your blog which is not so desirable.

The best deal is to figure out a way that makes these pop up display widgets user friendly while giving the desired results at the same time. This article will be dealing with five such points which you need to tick on your checklist in order to make them optimum for the audiences.

 1.    Choose an Appropriate Pop up Size

Many of the blogs focus on gaining subscription and readership through mainly pop ups. The users have also been habitual to see a large pop up the very moment they visit such webpages offering e-mail subscriptions.

Though it is very effective but selecting the accurate pop up size is what matters a lot.

A size of 200 X 300 pixels will be optimum and user friendly as the user will be comfortably able to notice it and at the same time, he will also be able to check out how your blog looks like for the first time. It has been noticed that users generally do not continue on blogs which welcome them with humongous pop ups in general.

 2.    Never Bug the Users with a Pop up Right on Startup

Blinking a pop up right when a user has just visited your page is too annoying and sometimes scary for the user. Web surfers and readers have become very smart and alchemists these days.

They would definitely want to check out your website before making the decision to subscribe to your periodic newsletter or before buying a product that you offer. So never bug them with pop ups offering subscription before you give them a chance to get to know about you and your services.

 3.    Choose the Pop up Display Schedule very Wisely

Choosing a very frequent pop up display schedule may be the most common blunder that you may make. Though you expect to increase your following by doing this but this will, on the contrary, lead to lesser subscriptions. This is considered very unprofessional and may prove to be obstructive for the users.

Visitors are much smarter these days and they definitely do not want to provide their e-mails and other contact information to a database that is constantly bugging them to do so. This will cause to suspicion and ultimately, the potential reader may lose faith in you.

Sometimes, these pop ups require a visitor to refresh the page to view past them, which would be really annoying if he is supposed to do it every now and then. It is advised to choose a schedule such that the pop up appears after at least the user has spent a few minutes checking out your website.

 4. Use Pop ups for Fixed Subscription very Wisely

If you are keener on gaining more and more subscribers, rather than focusing on what your visitors seek, you might soon be getting into trouble. These fixed subscription pop ups are useful only when they have been put into least obstructive places on the page.

As soon as the user feels that you prioritize his subscription higher than himself, he tends to unsubscribe soon. So keep in mind that building a large following is better a gradual process than an overnight phenomenon.

 5.  Always Make Room for an Option Allowing them to Disable Pop Ups

Keep in mind that visitors expect and appreciate to feel that they are as important to you as their subscription. It will be advocated that you always integrate an option such that they are able to turn off these pop ups after reading the very first one that courteously welcomes them after a few minutes of browsing through your blog.

Keep the above five points in mind and your blog will be an epitome of professionalism and user-friendliness at its best.

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