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Create Facebook Page for Website

Having a Facebook page for your website is a very good idea to attract traffic. Learn how to create a Facebook page for website.

Facebook is the largest social media website and one of the biggest online platforms for interacting with the visitors. It is one of the best marketing strategy for attracting masses towards your website because when users ‘like’, ‘recommend’ or ‘share’ your website’s page, it is shown in their own network of contacts.

Never create a regular ‘profile’ for your website on Facebook as it has a limit to the maximum number of contacts, can be managed by only a single account administrator and can’t be used to target specific people or market.

Facebook page also helps to get feedback from their users that can be used to decide the future strategies for the website. Thus, it is very important for a website or brand to create facebook page to increase their online presence. It is very easy to create and manage Facebook page for a website.

Create a Facebook Account

First of all, you need to ‘sign up’ on Facebook and create an account or you can ‘sign in’ if you already have one. Now you can build create facebook page for websiteyour page which is free and takes only few minutes to get started.

Create a Facebook Page

Go to the following URL to create a new facebook page for your website.

Then click on a category from the list given on the page which suits your website best. You can select any category from the following options:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Entertainment
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, band or Public Figure
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Cause or Community

Once you click on a particular category, choose a subcategory and enter a name (and other details, if you want) for your Facebook page in the field and check the box to agree to ‘facebook Pages Terms’. Click on ‘Get Started’.

Set Up your Facebook Page

Once the facebook page is created, you can add a description and URL of your website in ‘About’ section to give it better rankings in the search results. Write about your website to let people understand about your business. You can add more than one website or can link your page to twitter, youtube or other online accounts. Click on ‘Save Info’.

Now you can add a ‘profile picture’ for your page. You can either ‘upload from computer’ or ‘import from website’. Click on ‘Save Photo’. This picture will appear as your icon everywhere on facebook. Choose your company’s logo or such an image which represents your website.

Once the profile picture is added, facebook will prompt you to enter a unique facebook web address to make it easier for people to find and share your page. Choose such a web address which is easy to memorize and can be used to promote your website on Facebook.

You can also advertise on facebook to attract more people to your page. For this, you can ‘add a payment method’ to advertise on facebook or can ‘skip’ this step to go to your page’s ‘Admin panel’.

Manage your Page through Admin Panel

Admin Panel’ can be used to manage the entire page. You can view insights, edit the page content, track your new activity and reply to personal messages from ‘admin panel’. You can also update your page’s info to add more details about your website.

Also, add a ‘cover photo’ to your page’s timeline which could be related to your website to make your page interesting and to attract more people to your page.

Now, you are ready to manage your facebook page and create different kinds of posts including updates, photos, videos and questions and increase ‘likes’ to your page.

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