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Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms

Their are many free platforms for blogging and bloggers can easily sign in to blog. Learn about top 10 free blogging platforms over here.

Blogging is considered as one of best ways to expresses your ideas and opinions and build your own brand online. There are plenty of blogging platforms available and each of them has their own benefits and limitations. This article discusses some of the popular blogging platforms which can help you design and create your own blog free of cost.

1.       WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used blogging platforms which host millions of blogs and websites. is for self-hosted blogging and websites where users can have their own domain names while is a free blogging platform in which the domain name remains as itself.

You can create stylish blogs with excellent functionality using WordPress and there are tons of free templates and themes available in WordPress plugins website. Even people who do not have any HTML of scripting knowledge can design professional looking websites with free templates available in WordPress. These templates have customizable CSS pages and you can edit the widgets, background colors, header images etc. to customize the appearance of your website.

WordPress has helped millions of bloggers to setup their blogs for free along with free widgets and plugins like slide shows, news posts, social media integration, tagging, blog rolls etc. The hosting is also reliable and you can be guaranteed about your blog/website uptime.

2.       Blogger

This is another free blogging platform from Google with simple features making it easy for beginners to setup their own blog for free. Blogger is considered to be the best blogging platform for users who don’t want to break their head with too much technical stuff while creating a blog. It’s owned by Google and you can use Google Ads to monetize your blogger blogs. You don’t require any scripting knowledge and you can make use of custom domains as well. The blogs created in are search engine friendly and can be integrated easily with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and 10 free blogging platforms

3.       Tumblr

Tumblr is also famous blogging platform that hosts millions of free blogs from users around the world. All you need is an e-mail ID to create a Tumblr account and once it is verified, you can access the free templates to create your own blog. Your posts can contain all kinds of data like video, audio, quotes, chats, links, photos, texts etc. The popular blogs and latest news get showed up in homepage of Tumblr.


iPage is also popular blogging platform hosting millions of free blogs and websites. It’s an excellent choice for professionals and beginners who can instantly create a blog with just few clicks. is very reliable and has great uptime compared to other blogging platforms. Also it provides various exciting features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, excellent technical support, free domain name, search engine friendly etc.


Weebly is a simple and user-friendly blogging platform which excellent user interface and tons of free templates. Weebly allows users to set up professional blogs and e-commerce websites with free templates and layouts. Users can monitor the website traffic and host advertisements to monetize their blogs. The pages in the blog can be customized according to different displays including mobile screens, tablets etc. Weebly has good security features and verifies the authenticity of users through SMS.


One of the easiest ways to showcase your creativity online is through blogs and provides you a free platform to create blogs without much effort. Also the blogs created through Jux platform are very simple without too many advertisements, sidebars, widgets and buttons. The background images used for the templates are attractive and increases the attraction among visitors.


It is a free blogging platform from Six and has more than 100, 000, 000 registered users. There are custom CSS style sheets and readymade templates which makes your blogging task easier.  If you want to stay connected with your friends through social media platforms like Facebook and share interesting life events, then you can set up your blog with LiveJournal.


Onsugar is also a free blogging platform with customized themes, traffic statistics, CSS templates and various other cool features. OnSugar is definitely a good platform if you want to monetize your blog through promotional ads and marketing campaigns.

9. is famous blogging platform powered by WordPress that comes with plenty of read made themes, plugins and custom templates. Users can create their blogs instantly and upload pictures, videos to their blog pages. Users get 2 GB of free storage space and also can monetize their blog through ad campaigns.


Blogster has more than 170, 000 registered users and allows users to share their opinions, share links, upload videos and photos and make friends with new people. Users can also organize their blog posts into different categories. Users can make new business contacts by using

Hope this article about top 10 free blogging platforms helped you.

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