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SEO vs PPC vs Social Media

Usage of SEO, PPC & social media is very purpose specific. Comparison between SEO vs PPC vs Social media is given so as to choose accordingly.   

The world of internet marketing has involved in different marketing strategies. It has given new directions to world advertisement and marketing. For every type of marketing, ROI which stands for return on investment is the most significant metric. It helps determine the effectiveness of marketing programs. By knowing the effectiveness of a marketing program, you will learn about your earning through customers over spending per penny. Thus, you can make your decision if you should continue similar program further or should stop it immediately.

To advertise or grow a company product brand on the internet, there are so many options to choose and in those options SEO, PPC and social media are very popular and progressive. Basically, PPC and social media are being used as a part of SEO to generate great business opportunities. Let’s read  a detailed comparison for SEO vs PPC vs Social Media and know which the best out of the list is and affects the greatest on ROI.


For online marketers or website owners, PPC is a common and widely used marketing program and has proved greatly effective too. With the help of pay per click or PPC, you can particularly target your product to a certain target audience and thus, can approach the right and potential customers.

Though, many marketers have realized that PPC is quite pricy. As for some competitive fields, one can earn CPC i.e. cost per click around $ 20 which is quite high. That means, if you are getting only 1 percent conversion rate on your company product, still you have to pay $ 2, 000 on each customer which is astonishingly a higher rate for sure. On other side, if you choose SEO for your marketing campaign, it can bring more traffic to your website by putting a website on top position of search engines and thus, you will only need to spend without any high cost which is around 10 percent.

Moreover, the benefits of SEO will stay for long. In PPC, the ads you are placing on various websites will appear until you are paying to these  websites and when you stop paying, your ads will be removed. Thus, the effect of PPC will help you for some time until you are paying. Therefore, it is so obvious that having SEO program is much better than a PPC for sure.

 SEO vs Social Media

Social media is a great way to get great business opportunities and to develop good contacts with people related to your field. Social media sites such as Facebook has users around 750 million as of now and the other social media famous site Twitter has announced existing 100 million recently users. All these social media platforms have become a great medium by which companies can expand their company product, services, and brand through web. It makes customers feel good as they prefer buying a product from an individual instead of a corporation.

Social MediaNo doubt, it seems a great idea of exploring a company potential, but you must think of by yourself that how many of your contacts really change into actual sales. Well, I must say there are hardly some contacts convert into real leads. We completely agree that social media can develop a company brand and increases a great fan following directly and faster than SEO.  However, if we talk about the status of social media for now, well ROI is not that good with it as one can have with SEO.

PPC vs Social Media

As we earlier have said that PPC will benefit you until you are paying to websites and when you stop paying, your ads will be removed from those sites. On the contrary, social media does not charge you anything for expanding your company product or brand; however you only need to invest your time on it.

No doubt, the idea of PPC brings great amount of traffic on your websites and that too very quickly, but as it is quite expensive, so one can’t afford it for long time. However, social media is developing more by each passing day and it is expected that with time, there will be more advancement in the strategies and effectiveness of it.

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