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Social Engagement Marketing Tips

 This article will help you with some important tips to market your products with social engagement. Find the complete details below.

Social engagement Marketing refers to marketing products and services using social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus etc. Social networks have revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and also made a big impact on online markets.

Facebook, which has over 900 million users worldwide is the most popular site with 30 billion items shared every month.

Twitter, on the other hand has more than 140 million users, producing 50 million tweets every day. Social engagement marketing makes use of popularity of such social media networks to promote the services and products.

For Twitter

Try to get more Twitter followers within your niche which can help you market your products easily. Use tools like or which helps you to influential and powerful follower lists. Use hash tags to share content of popular Twitter members to other people by using @Name. By doing so, you can gain their trust and promote your products through them as well.

You should Tweet frequently about latest updates on your service or products. There are various ways to promote in Twitter using Promoted Tweets, Promoted followers and Promoted Accounts. In promoted tweets, your product advertisements are listed when people do a topic search on specific keyword related to your product. Promoted followers are another option for gaining Twitter followers who are interested in your product and can become potential customers.

For Facebook

Facebook with more than 800 million users is very popular social media to promote your products and services. The easiest way for marketing your product through Facebook is by creating a Facebook page which helps you develop better relationship with your customers.  If you have created a new brand which you want to popularize, Facebook pages is the best way to go. You should create a strong fan club through better visibility, engagement and quality posts. Fans who like your pages can help in promoting your product through word of mouth and also turn into prospective customers.

Images are very important in Facebook pages as they have better reach and get more likes. You should add any spaces in your image file name as this won’t be displayed in your Facebook posts. Make use of hyphens when you label your picture, so that thumbnails will be displayed.

You should ask more questions and encourage your fans to interact with each other. Social media marketing requires more engagement and interaction with customers. There is an option for the same in Facebook status box that you can use to engage your customers with the brand and interact with one another.


Another influential way for social media marketing is by writing inspirational and quality blogs. Blogs can help in promoting your products if you have good number of readers. First create a blog with keyword rich contents and promote the same through other media like Twitter and Facebook. If you update the contents regularly, people will visit your blog frequently as they want fresh contents only.

You can allow users to engage by creating discussions forums and allowing them comment on topics. You can add a Retweet button in your home page so that users can share interesting pages. Also provide an option to “Like” and share your page through Facebook. Such plug-ins are provided by CMS like WordPress and Joomla and you can integrate them to your blogs.

Make sure you write catchy and attractive headlines. You should also involve other bloggers by commenting on blogs which are related to your topic. E-mail marketing is also a good option through which you can provide latest updates about your product. Allow users to subscribe to your blog updates through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and also add RSS plug-ins which can be used through Google Reader.

For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet another popular social media especially meant for working professionals and business users. First you should build a quality profile providing all details like company, skill sets, favorite books, experience and website details. Try to connect with other users in similar niche and join discussion groups as well. Get recommendations from friends and business partners which will improve your credibility and get more customers. You can also post Updates about your service or product in your home page which improves visibility of your profile and allows other users to engage.

By following above tips, you can market products through different social media platforms and improve your sales figures.

Hence, if you’re gearing up to market your product or service on the web, it’s more than essential to keep Social engagement marketing in your purview and make an executable plan for it.

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