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TwitGuru: A Cool Twitter App That Keeping you Guessing !

twitguruIn this article we will tell you about twitguru twitter prize competition. It is a Twitter application where users guess the price of a product win prizes.

By now, if you’re still not on Twitter then you’re certainly missing out some of the coolest apps to play with, especially when these apps fetch you some cool rewards. TwitGuru is just one of them.

TwitGuru is a newly launched Twitter application that urges Twitter users to guess(by tweeting) the closest or exact price to the highlighted product. The competition remains open for guesses for roughly 72 hours from the instant the competition opens up and at the end of 72 hours, the closest(or exact) guesses are rewarded with the highlighted product.

That’s a sheer co-incidence that i tried out this new service with some guesses on the very first item(xloop sunglasses) they had put up. I eventually turned out to be one of the xloop winners. The guess I made was the exact price of the highlighted xloop sunglasses(the guess was obviously a result of gut feeling+smart searches here and there). Reminding that i guessed and therefore won xloop (and it’s not that the folks offered me ‘xloop’ in lieu of review or something).


I must admit that the standard tweet that ‘Twitguru’ uses (@twit_guru I guess $40.95 for #TimexWatch I like its 10 preset timers.Click to play) is definitely a well thought tweet. The key here is the ‘#” tag being used. The aim of Twitguru is certainly to engage more and more folks at Twitter into the ‘Guessing mania’ but becoming a ‘Hot Twitter app’ will take a lot of time for TwitGuru. ‘#’ tag might work as a shortcut to their success.

‘#’ tags are used within tweets to get instantly & effectively indexed in the search results on Twitter. For instance, #moon will basically optimize my 140 character tweet including ‘#moon’ for the searches conducted on Twitter Search with the keyword moon.

I reckon TwitGuru will work out well as the influence grows bigger because

  • The moment anybody guesses the price for a reward , the tweet goes into that person’s twitter stream, causing more awareness about Twitguru.
  • ‘#’ tag will bring more twitter users, land on Twitguru(and its offers) via Twitter search
  • ‘#’ tag may bring TwitGuru’s tweets to ‘Trending topics’. Although, this can simply hit the Bull’s eye for TwitGuru but it won’t be so easy, especially when the total timespan allowed for guessing is around 72 hours.(quite long i reckon)
  • It’s fun to ‘Guess & Win’ and who hates free stuff by the way. All it takes is just a tweet.

From a business perspective, TwitGuru will take some more time( may be 6 months to an year) to start ‘raking in the Moolah’ for the owners. But that’s perfectly fine, provided they keep offering the ‘Free stuff’ for an year or so and also shorten the guessing period(24 hours will be fine, i guess).

I also appreciate the ‘Idea guy’ behind TwitGuru, to come up with such an innovative, fun and non-intrusive way to actually advertise/promote products on Twitter.

Go, play it out !!

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