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Chatwing: Embed a Chat Box In Your Website and Generate Revenue

Website chat widget Chatwing. is one chat service provider which enables any site owner to integrate a feature into any website.

We have been witnessing a lot of change in the means of real time communication or chatting over the past couple of years. We have noticed that online chatting is gaining a lot of popularity with plenty of web companies providing dedicated IM Chat clients for one-to-one real-time communication.

But most people seem to prefer chatting on online services, such as social networking sites or online chat boxes, rather than the good ol’ messengers which had to be installed on PCs to get going! is one chat service provider which enables any site owner to integrate a feature into any website, which in turn allows users to chat, directly on the website.

Features Roundup!

  • Highly customizable chat box
  • No registration required for chatting
  • Login through Facebook/Twitter supported
  • You get paid for the ads

What ChatWing actually does is that it allows you to create a customized chat box feature for your website. It provides you with the HTML code of the chat box so that you can add it to your website.

To create your customized chat box, head on to the ChatWing website and register yourself by giving the website name for which you want to create the box and your email address. Once registered and logged in, you have option to select the type of chat box you want for your website.

One option is the live embedded chat box which will appear on your webpage and people will be able to directly chat into that box. The second option is of a pop out window, which will create a button on your website which, when clicked, will open a new window containing a chat box. After selecting the type, click on the next button to further customize the chat box.

ChatWing provides a lot of customization features. You can resize your chat box (minimum size is 240 by 400 pixels). Moreover, you can also choose the colour of the frame of the chat box/ button. This customization ensures that ChatWing doesn’t spoil the look of your website.

Finally you can choose to get the HTML code of the box and add the code to your website to add the ChatWing chat box to get empowered with your own website chat.

ChatWing keeps the chatting feature quite easy for the users. Users just have to click the login button and then login using either their Facebook/Twitter id or as a guest. This login only takes a few seconds. Users can directly type and chat with all the other users on the website. Moreover, users can also choose from a big lot of virtual avatars in case of guest login, otherwise it fetches your Facebook/ Twitter profile pic.

You can also generate revenue by adding ChatWing to your website. ChatWing is an ad supported software and earns by showing users advertisements of its sponsors. If users click on the advertisement, you will be paid 75% of the ad revenue.  You can request for payment when your generated revenue reaches a minimum of 25$.

Other special features of ChatWing include spam filter and profanity filter. Moreover, user can flag other users for using profane language. Frequently flagged users are temporarily banned.

Thus ChatWing instantly provides you with a customized chat box for you website, which does its job pretty well.

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