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Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords enlarges the scope of being selected and therefore more page views. Benefits of long tail keywords are listed here.  

A keyword is a word or a phase that is fed into a search engine by the user who is looking for information. There are short keywords and long keywords. Out of which long keywords are more beneficial as they provide accurate and detailed result. Long tail keywords are comparatively long and uses targeted phase that are commonly used by people. For example, ‘night time photography.’

Long tail keywords has the capacity to produce high conversion rates and produces higher returns on investments. They are less competitive; therefore, you have a golden chance to popularize your long tail keyword. Long tail keywords produces appreciably paid search– results. They provide you continuous flow of an idea to create content and help you to find natural searches. They also enhance the insight of customer, i.e. more information is absorbed by long tail keywords.

Here are some other benefits of long tail keywords: Benefits of long tail keywords

Quality: They are specific as compared to generic words, they have higher quality, higher CTR, less wastage of information.

Conversion rate: High conversion rate is another positive aspect of long tail keyword.

Low CPA: Long tail keywords are profitable as they have higher CTRs and its cost per acquisition (CPA) are low.

Informative: Long tail keywords has good volume of information, you can get all information that is required.

Higher CTRs: Long tail keyword are free from any competition and has a high click through rate (CTR).

Long tailed keywords play a highly important role in search engine queries, they also play an essential role in:

  • Paid search results: Long tailed keywords don’t face any competition; therefore, they are lower in costs and has good click through rate, CTR. If your keyword is appropriate with respect to searches, it is more likely to be displayed.
  • Quality of searches: With long tailed keywords continuous flow of ideas is maintained. You get your desired result and according to your requirements.
  • Better customer service: Long tailed keywords help in intuiting fresh features, they encompass more information in search engines.

Generally people start with short keywords as they are easily executed. But long tailed keyword has its own importance in search engine optimization.

If you are planning to launch your long tail keywords, here are some software tools that would get you to long tail keywords:

WordStream: This is very useful for kick starting your long tail keywords. This is free online- keyword tool that targets one billion keywords and provides accurate & comprehensive results. Thousands of long tailed and normal keywords are found here with free charge.

Keyword Research Suite: It is a tool designed for helping marketers in finding targeted keywords employed in paid and organic search campaigns. Here, you can access countless databases and find the terms most appropriate to your needs with minimal charges.

WordStream for PPC: This platform is exclusively for marketers. It is based on pay-per click, which guides advertisers to build, optimize and manage AD Word campaigns by following best practices of PPC. This also contains sets of keyword tools that assist you to explore and manage long tail keywords.

Lastly it is mandatory to tell you the best practices that are being followed in the creation of long tail keywords:

Independency from broad matching: Long tail keyword focuses on specific keyword segments that are cheap, competitive and conversion friendly.

Segments: Breaking into general groups of multiple keywords, direct information is obtained that improves the overall quality of keyword score.


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