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Keyword Density vs LSI

This article will tell you about the difference between Keyword Density and LSI. The complete details about keyword density and LSI is given below.

Content Writing needs quality and precision on the ranking affecting features- and this is where Keyword Density and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) come into being. Both of these play an important role in the online content optimization, but the question arises that which of these is more important? So here are a few key points that will differentiate between the two and help you choose the better of the two.

Keyword Density on one hand is the number of times per 100 words a keyword shows up in the content while on the other hand Latent Keyword Density vs LSISemantic Indexing refers to the indexing process which helps you identify the patterns in an understanding of the terms and concepts present in some text.

There is hardly any doubt present to debate about that the keyword is pretty crucial for an article- it is the main factor which helps you rank and index the article.

Talking about the keyword Density, it is basically the stuffing of keyword into an article; recently the Keyword Density has gotten plenty of sites to be banned by Google in accordance with the Google Panda Update.

Strictly after the update, the density percentage has been rest to 2-4% to be considered as natural and original.

Writers all across the globe have shifted the importance factor to LSI, as it is considerably more effective and hardly causes a ban from the tech giant Google. Writing with both the factors in mind is a tedious and difficult task which usually will take you an entire day to complete an article than usual. The need for the moment is to provide valuable information to the users with both the factors equally maintained but this often causes the article not be natural and resulting in a ban.

After the 2012 updates from Google, it is very clear that Google does not value the keyword density any longer and so the website’ ranking is not judged upon by the primary keyword density. With the new updates in 2012 have come the Google algorithms which judge the websites on totally different criteria and thereby, cause change in the sites ranking.

After some long time of article writing and reading and of course brain-work, I finally came across a practice that is easy, efficient and wouldn’t even cause the site a lot of impact. It is very important for you to understand the fact that the LSI comprises of keyword phrases that have a little relevance to one another.

Thinking from Google’s point of view you will encounter that the synonyms of a phrase happen to enhance the site’s content and thus the site is easily found for relevant search queries of the term by the people.

Wondering about the introduction of LSI, a quick search laid out that the purchase of Applied Semantics by Google had lead to this new changed which caused the content optimization world a shock and brought about change in the system by getting phrases into play other than keywords. So, summing it all up here, it is clear that Goggle ranking now favor LSI and not the density.

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