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On Page SEO Tips

On-page SEO is a key factor of search engine ranking, tips are required to perform well. Learn the important on page SEO tips in this article.

SEO (search engine optimization) is probably the most significant thing you should learn if you want to have the best experience through blogging.  With no proper optimization for your blog, you cannot even thing of getting impressive traffic through search engines. Here are some tips for “On Page SEO”. These tricks can be beneficial for optimizing any blog on Google or any other major search engines.

  • Custom Header Tags: Every blogger can do something on a personal level in order to make the blogs SEO friendly. Robot tags are one of those things which will help your blog be SEO friendly. This is a highly beneficial way of using custom robots in a correct manner. This is quite an easy process which, if done properly, can fetch a lot of traffic for your blog.
  • Robots Index: There are bots for search engines such as Googlebot, which require a few guidelines on the manner how these should crawl as well as index a blog. There are ways of preventing some pages which are not very important from indexing the same in Google for protecting a blog from issues such as duplicate on-page seo tips
  • Optimize Blog Titles: In case this is the first time you have started your blog using the default template on a site, you may not be alert about the fact that the post titles of your blog may not be optimized in a proper manner for the search engines. What you require to work on is the editing part of the blog template for making the post titles optimized in a proper manner. You are going to see an obvious change regarding the organic traffic to your blog when you make these changes.
  • Image Optimization:  There are relevant images which you may surely notice among the posts of many a blog. The images enhance not only the appearance of the content matter but also the blog posts get optimized in a better manner. We must make effectual use of any image which is a part of our blog. This is going to result in extra traffic through search engines.
  • Internal Linking: There are many a blogger who do succeed in optimizing the internal links. They do not even link the posts to one another internally. Thus, they make a really big mistake which everyone should avoid. The habit of internal linking in the process not only enhances the views on a blog page but help the posts rank better on search engines as well. In case, you are making the exact mistake like many other oblivious users, you should correct yourself right now.
  • SEO Submission: When you get ready with the blog optimization, you should also require submitting the blog in the webmaster tool of Google. After the blog gets verified and submitted by Google webmaster, it helps the same get indexed fast in Google. Additionally, it lets you know if your blog has issues such as HTML improvements, broken links and so on, which you must try and resolve. You have to verify the ownership of the blog as well as submit one sitemap. That is all you need to do for the moment.

Hope this article about Top On Page SEO Tips for 2013 helped you.

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