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How to Access Google Play Music and Movies Outside US

Google Play allows users to download Music, Movies, Pictures,  and Apps. Learn how to access Google Play Music and Movies outside US. 

If you own a Android Phone and wondering if you could ever add the taste of Google Play to your phone, then your wait is over. Finally users from outside the US can access Google play on their rooted Android Smartphone.

Google Play let user download Music, Movies, Pictures, Games and Apps and more. But apart from Games and apps, Cloud based content (such as Music, movies and Pictures) is only accessible to users from US. What about the users from who lives outside the US? Well, fortunately, the Saviour of all, XDA developers, once again comes to rescue.  Here, I’m going to tell you how to access Google Play Music and Movies outside US.

As Android being an open source platform, XDA developers have tweaked into it completely. They were the first to discover how to access Google Play internationally on your Android Smartphone. Thanks to sir Kishankpadiyar ( senior member at XDA developers), who introduced the easy way to go to access Google Play. Let’s see how to do it.
How to Access Google Play Music & Movies Outside US

Before you start, please make sure :

1. This will work only on rooted Android Smartphones. You must root your Android phone in order to access Google Play.
2. You must have ‘Play Store 3.7.11 or 3.7.12’ installed on your Android Smartphone.

Here’s How to do it:

1. Download and install ‘Play Store’ on your Android Smartphone. ( you can download it from here : )
2. Once you’re done installing ‘Play Store’, Download and install ‘Market Enabler’ on your phone. ( you can download it from here:

3. After you’ve installed both the above mention software on your phone, go to ‘Play Store’ and download ‘DROIDvpn’ and create a account to register.
4. Open ‘App Manager’ and clean the cache and Play Store data.
5. Open ‘Market Enabler’, select one of the available US carriers and choose ‘Fake this provider now’.
6. Launch ‘Droidvpn’, login with your registered user account and select ‘Start’.
7. Once you’re done with the above procedure, you can now install Music, Movies, Picture, Games, Apps and a lot more from Google Play store on your Android Smartphone.

Happy Googling!!!!


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