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Android Games Development

You can yourself develop the game you wish to play instead of playing the pre-existing games. Get tips on android game development.

You must have played many games on your android and have got hooked on to it. Playing games has become a fad the world over and you will see everyone playing and enjoying android games. But hve you ever wondered what it would be like to invent your own androd game? Read on to find out how you can develop your own android game.

Gaming is a niche zealously talked, blogged and commented about throughout the world across communities and social networks. Online games and softwares have become the cynosure of countless gamers and enthusiast. You may be keenly interested about cracking the topmost levels of your favorite Android game, but have you thought for once how it would be to develop your own Android Game someday. If you have given it a thought, this post could be the right point to start.

 Key to make your first Android game

Making your first Android game will not be a hard nut to crack if you follow the guidelines to make a basic Android game. You will only have to follow the step by step points mentioned over here and proceed meticulously. Just after each process checks your efficiency in building the game. You might end up being an efficient Android game developer.

Step by step, guidelines to develop an Android game

Step 1: The first and foremost step to start making your Android game is to upgrade the operating system framework on which you will develop your game. While upgrading the OS, be extra cautious about the components you have selected. All components should be compatible with the various gaming parameters and protocols.

 Step 2: Next comes the requirement of installing related software and programs. This includes Java and Android SDK. You will also have to install Eclipse and follow the process to configure it.

Step 3: After that you will have to define your application. Define an engaging name of the game you are about to develop in the form of the Eclipse project. Implement some interesting graphics and connect the app to AdMob. Complete creating the four pages of your app.

Step 4: Next you will have to implement the Engine, Thread and Surface of the Game. Interconnect the knots of the game and execute a trial to see whether the Game Engine is working.

How to Make Your First Android Game

Step 5: Create the profile of the performance of your game. Implement the theories of collision detection and object rotation along with Touch Events. Generate the Asteroid Handler and scaling and bouncing techniques must be inserted technically in your app.

Step 6: Control unit of the game must be valued. Add specific firepower. Put the set in a trial to check whether everything is executed okay.

Step 7: Identify the culprits that are causing hindrance to your game. Recover the mistakes occurring in the setup. Check the array list and vitalize the dos and don’ts.

Step 8: Now the time comes for you to add a status display to your game. Strategically implement the levels to your game. A display of status must be available in the transition between two levels.

Step 9: Take care upon the game start-up dimensions and refactoring. And finally create an icon for your app.

Step 10: Publish your game on the Android Market. To get an insight on publishing your games on the Android Marketplace follow the link below;

Well, simply by reading the steps above it might look like, developing an Android game is a mere cake walk. However, the fact remains that you would need to be fairly proficient with Java and other coding languages and have a natural flair towards learning new technologies and skill sets. You should love developing games as much as you love playing them!

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