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Cracked Games For Android

Cracking Android games is not an easy task it consist of some important steps. Get tips on cracked games for Android in this article.

Cracking games on android could be fun when executed, but is definitely not an easy task. It requires an expert knowledge about some of the special apps that can crack games for your android phone. Read on to get an idea of some of the ways you can crack games for your android.

Android games, apps and devices seem to be the vogue of the day. Android platform is what everyone looks for and the Android devices are preferred. To get the Android games cracked and to crack the Android apps, you can get the ideas here. You require Android SDK to perform this task. It is a necessary tool to crack the games. These can be downloaded from various online sources. For instance, you can find them here:

  • Android SDK
  • Deurus Android Crackme 03
  • Dex2jar
  • Java decompiler
  • Smali and baksmali

Choose any of the platforms you are convenient with and then download and then install the following;

  • Android SDK­­ file
  • SDK Platform
  • Java packages that are needed to crack the Android games

    how to crack games on android

How to go about it?

  • From your SDK menu create a virtual device
  • Start emulation
  • Emulator boots up in a few minutes
  •  This makes sure your phone screen is shown
  • The process of creating an emulator and making it run is completed successfully.

How to get started with game?

You are required  to install the crackme software. If, you are worried about some clumsy after effects that arise from downloading, and installing this software, then never mind. This is legal software. To do this successfully all you need to do is to get acquainted with ADB (Android Debug Bridge). Then you need to install the apk file. This is a very simple process. You can get this done by running nothing but 2 commands from the directory of Android SDK or the tools. When you have completed installing the software, you can see the icon of the application crackme in your screen. It is available in the application menu. Then,

  • Click the crackme icon and run the app
  • The crackme app appears on the screen provided everything is right.

Then you can start doing what you intend to with this app. Press the check button and without any inputs, a message pops up. The message is “Min 4 chars”. If you give a proper message, the message comes up as “Bad Boy”. You need to keep these strings in mind. This is significant because you would keep using them along the process. To dissemble the app files, these are used as the search keys. There are 2 hardware ids and you also need to find what these ids are and what they mean.

Real Android Revising:

Once crackme app appears on the screen, you need reverse it. There is a folder structure that is more or less like the java package. Open the dissemble dex file. Use the pop up strings as search keys and find the right location. The IMEI number and the SIM serial number are the hardware keys and they can be found out using the op codes. The checking function and the keyogen are also found from this process. To make a serial, the app uses a name and the two hardware ids, which means the algorithm used is very simple.

This is an introduction to crack up any Android app or game. Reversing the android and using the emulator is the most easy method to crack up the Android games. This process defeats the protection of the Android games and you can now easily crack them up. A message, “this is not the full version of the game appears”, though. However, just delete the blue line, which does not allow the message.



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