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How to Increase CPC

Increased CPC is surely a beneficial thing, everyone is running behind it. This article states how to increase CPC. 

CPC or Cost per Click by Google adsense is the revenue you get from google for each click you receive on your blog or site. You should aim to increase your CPC as this will directly give you better revenues. There are ways available to increase your CPC. Here are a few tips.

Before starting with the topic let us tell you something about Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an extension run by Google which allows the publishers to serve automatic texts, images, videos, or interactive media adverts which targets to some other site content and audiences.

CPC is Cost per Click, provided by Google AdSense. It means that Google will pay you some amount for the clicks on the ads that Google will put in your website or blog.

Sometimes you will notice that your CPC is going down but your revenue is increasing, it happens because the ads are getting more than the number of clicks assigned to those ads. It happens most of the time that CPC decreases because the company stops the campaign for what you were being paid till now.

It doesn’t matter which eCommerce platform you chose for your store you’ll still need to think about increasing your conversions and one of the factors that affect your conversions & Sales is a website that is visually appealing to your visitors. For example your online-merchandising strategy that dictates that the quantity of images you use is far less important than how clear the images are. How the images are organized should also be a priority. For instance, clickable images with captions leading to other pages of your website can encourage visitors to click through and explore what your business has to offer. Other elements, such as videos of happy clients using your products, can also be instrumental in giving your business an excellent online presence.


So here we’ll tell you how to improve or increase CPC. If you want to increase you CPC then you have to apply the tips that we are going to tell you.

Tips to increase CPC of your site are:

Location or Country of Visitors-

Location from where a visitor is accessing your website or blog matters the most because advertisers spend a lot to get the US or UK target on their website because they can pay them more than the any other countries.

One of the best ways to increase your CPC is to get the visitors from countries like USA, Canada, UK, etc. You can do so by writing the content that will get you the visitors from those countries.

Some of the countries that can increase your CPC are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Singapore.

Niche of your website or Blog-

Choosing a Niche for your website or blog is another factor by which you can increase your CPC. Now if you want that your traffic must be from the above countries then you must choose a niche which can get you traffic from those sites. If your website or blog is having the high competition niche then it is surely going to help you in increasing the CPC.

Section Targeting-

Section Targeting is something like you have some irrelevant content on the sidebar of website. So, what you can do in that case is put the advertisements on the sidebars of the similar section or content.

Image Ads-

Image ads can give you more CPC that the text link ads because it’s a human tendency that we attract towards images more than the text links. So image ads can help you increase CPC more that the text link ads.

Location of Advertisements-

Location of advertisement affects the CPC also. If the location of the current advertisement is according to the need then you can get more advertisements and hence you can increase the CPC.

So these are some the tips that can help you in increasing the CPC of your website or blog.

Hope this article about how to improve or increase CPC helped you.

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