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Best Blog Platform For Beginners

A blog helps to connect as well as attract the potential customers. Get a list of  best blog platform for beginners.

There are many enthusiastic writers who want to share their views about anything and everything about life. Doing so online is a great way to reach maximum number of people in a very brief period of time. There are numerous blogging platforms on the net, which makes it easier for the bloggers to place their opinion without knowing much about the technicalities of the process. There are several blogging platforms which are self-hosted. It means that the writer is capable of posting the blog himself without taking any help from any professional. Here are some of the best ones available on the net.


Most of us are already aware of this amazing website that pioneered blogging. It still remains as the champion of all blogging platforms. It is extremely convenient as well as flexible to use this platform for all blogging purposes. The flexibility of the same is so flexible that it is widely used as a typical management system for numerous online contents. WordPress stands out for its exceptional plugins and themes, most of which come for free of cost. Its community support is outstanding. There is hardly any other platform which offers so many themes as well as such a high standard in community support.


This is a fine combination of a full-fledged blogging and mini blogging. This platform is yet to achieve the status of a complete blogging website. Tumblr has a growing fan following among the youngsters. This platform allows sharing interesting quotes, images of others on the website itself. The number of themes is ever-growing, which makes it more interesting for the readers and the writers as well.


Google was responsible for bringing in blogging back in 2003. Since then, the practice reading and writing blogs has only grown. Blogger has improved a lot over the years, adding additional features. This is a decent platform for those who have just started blogging and do not want to bother much about the finer details of the process. However, advanced users may not get complete fulfilment from this website as it offers limited attraction for them.


This platform is also designed to share media and thoughts in a fast and convenient way, just like Tumblr. This allows blogging through emails, which works perfect for many of the writers. This has a strong integration with other social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is why Posterous is such a great combination of full-fledged blogging and micro-blogging.

Moveable Type:

This is a strong blogging platform just like WordPress. Some of the extremely high traffic blogs like Cameron Moll, Gawker’s Blogs and even Huffington Post use this platform. The biggest thing about MoveableType is its ease of use. You can run multiple blogging through one single install. There have been some great improvements over the last few years. It developed a community which added  a lot to the advantage of this platform.

Expression Engine:

This website is rich in features. It is a powerful platform which is used for many other complicated websites. This is another flexible platform which takes pride in capabilities which deal with multiple website publishing. This works with multiple domains and subdomains as well. However, this amazing platform is not free. It takes $99.95 for single “Freelancer” license, $149.95 for Non-Commercial and $299.95 for Commercial ones.


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