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Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Weak Wi-Fi signals leads to slower speed and disruption in surfing and downloading. Learn top 10 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signals. 

Laptops, netbooks, smartphones, e-book readers and tablets all have gone a step ahead in portability because of the Wi-Fi signals. Wireless devices have invaded the market with routers available of various ranges and various price tags.  As the number of Wi-Fi users is increasing day-by-day so in this scenario, people often face the problem of weak signals. This happens when the radio waves face interferences from other sources.

Here are 10 ways by which you may eliminate interferences and enhance the strength of your Wi-Fi signal without spending too much.

10. Position your Router Centrally

The position of the router is of paramount importance for the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. If you are working from a different room, the radio waves have to travel via walls, and they may be subjected to other interferences also. If multiple devices are working on the same router then let the router lie centrally in the house or room. If there is a single device working then put the router close to the gadget.

9. Upgrade the Antenna

The antenna that is attached to most of the routers is Omni-directional, and this means that it emits waves in all directions. Now placing them close to the exterior wall may make you lose half of the signals. But if you use a high-gain antenna instead of an Omni-directional antenna probably you will be able to send waves focused towards a particular direction. High gain plus Omni-directional antennas are also found. TP-link, D-Link and USB wireless adapters also boost the signal strength but before investing in any device check if your router has in-built antennas. Top 10 Ways to Boost your Wi-Fi Signal

8. Upgrade Technology

Do you know that wireless A, B, and G are old and slow, and wireless N is the fastest now? Well try to upgrade your router and the combination of N router with N wireless card works the best for making signals fast and strong.

7. Avoid Interferences

Now, as specified earlier that the interferences harm the signal and so you must try to eliminate all kind of interferences in the way. Simple household devices harm the signal strength, for example, microwave ovens, wireless gaming consoles, cordless phones, and even fluorescent lights.

6. Signal Repeaters

Wireless repeaters positioned with routers simply extend your Wi-Fi signals for traveling longer. The repeater has to be placed at some place that is halfway between the electronic device and router.

5. Get the Right Wireless Channel

Wireless routers can work on different channels. So setting the right channel will enhance the signal strength. Tools like Wi-Fi Analyzer and Wi-Fi Stumbler can be used to look out for the suitable channel with minimum interference.

4. Use Strong Passwords for Better Security

It is better having a strong password for your Wi-Fi router. If there is no password, then anybody within the range of your signals may use their devices and hence your signal strength may diminish. It is also very risky to work on an open network because miscreants may take benefit of it and indulge in illegal activities and you may land in trouble.

3. Consult your Network Provider

Best broadband provider such as Sky Broadband will want you to enjoy the best signal so that you may carry on with your subscription. So talk to them and they may send an engineer who may look into the problem and will tell you the best Sky broadband packages suiting your requirements. They may offer you a better router too!

2. Do-It-Yourself Tricks

Try some DIY tricks to improve signal like a ‘windsurfer tin foil hack’. Even a cooking strainer or an old beer can well suffice to improve the performance and range of your router.

1. Install DD-WRT

Now installing the firmware DD-WRT is very useful because it improves your transmitting power by hacking. It can turn an old router into an extender and also regularly reboots your router to enhance speed and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Use these tweaks for making your home Wi-Fi faster, more secure and more reliable than earlier.

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