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Cloud Databases and DBaaS: Next Generation of Database Hosting & Mgmt

DBaaS Service ProvidersThe in-depth info about Cloud databases and DBaaS Service Providers is much needed. Find the complete details below:

With more and more businesses, shifting their applications from their own datacenters to the Cloud, the next generation applications are becoming more resistant to failure and giving powerful throughput, apart from the significant reduction in maintenance hassles that one has to go through, while self-hosting and managing the same applications in their conventional physical datacenters.

And while the term ‘Cloud computing‘ is becoming more familiar with each passing day, a majority of people, even those from strong technical background are unacquainted with MySQL Cloud solutions or Database-as-a-service(DBaaS).

Just like there’s a better alternative available to us when it comes to hosting our apps, which is Cloud hosting, we also have a better and more suitable option(which often gets ignored) for hosting and managing our databases on the Cloud.

As MySQL is probably the most popular database used by tens of millions of applications today, there’s an option of hosting your app’s MySQL database on the cloud itself.

Better known as Cloud Database solutions or Database as a Service(DBaaS), your MySQL database remains on the cloud and all the related hassles of managing, monitoring and scaling the database under various circumstances are done without any botheration to owners of the application.

While hosting/shifting the MySQL database on the cloud, there are two main options available to the application developers:

  1. Do-it-yourself and
  2. Database-as-a-service

While Do-it-yourself option comes cheap, it leaves a lot of burden on the application developer or the DBA for that matter, such as installing, configuring, managing and monitoring the MySQL database on a regular basis and also act whenever DB scaling up or out is required, in order to avoid any outage of the database.

The safer and hassle-free solution is to go for Database-as-a-Service, provided by service providers such as Xeround, along with other options that come directly from the cloud hosting services such as Amazon RDS.

Database-as-a-Service(DBaaS) relieves the application developers from all the related burden of managing and monitoring the performance of MySQL database, along with scaling it up whenever the situation demands. Everything is taken care by the DBaaS service providers such as Amazon RDS, Xeround among others.

DBaaS addresses all the challenges of maintaining scalability and high availability of your MySQL database and brings the best performance out of your database, with no scaling or availability issues whatsoever.

For all the above reasons, more and more businesses are now transitioning to Cloud Database solutions and more specifically, Database-as-a-Service.

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