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Kindle 2 available in markets now

kindle vs kindle 2Amazon kindle 2 has been launched. This article will explore kindle vs kindle 2. Find the complete details below.

As strongly rumoured by some sources,Kindle 2 was to be introduced publicly on Monday and here we have the successor of ‘Kindle’,a smarter eReader named ‘Kindle 2’ by Amazon launched on Monday itself.

We were guessing some of the much needed fixes to the earlier Kindle and it seems Amazon has consciously listened to the feedbacks and fixed most of the issues that customers were facing(like accidental page turning).

The price is the same as rumoured($359) and will start shipping from 24th Feb but you can pre-order it from now onwards.

Apart from the pending issues,Amazon has nicely worked on the upgrading various parts such as storage capacity, usability, weight, thickness, navigation etc. Kindle 2 is better in most aspects than Kindle and is sure to take sales figures higher this year for Amazon.

So,let’s take a look at 6 killer features that make ‘Kindle 2’ an ‘must have’ gadget,specially for voracious readers

1. New Slim and Sleek Design

Kindle 2 is far thinner than earlier model.With just 0.36 inches thick and weighing just over 10 ounces,Kindle 2 is pencil thin and lighter than a typical paperback.This is something that enhances usability to a great extent

2. New Crisper, Faster Display

Kindle brings you a 6-inch,600 x 800 electronic paper display and  provides 16 shades of gray(compared to 4 shades available earlier)resulting in crisp text, and sharper images and photos.The page turning is also faster(claimed to be 20% faster).

3. New 2 GB Memory Holds Over 1,500 Books

‘Kindle 2’has much higher storage(2 GB) capacity than its predecessor and hence gives a capacity of over 1500 books(earlier,the capacity was just 200 books).

4. 25% Longer Battery Life

The battery life has been enhanced by 25% making it feasible to keep it ON for 4-5 days(wireless ON) and nearly 2 weeks(wireless off).

5. Instant Dictionary Lookup(New!)

That’s something I personally loved.Kindle 2 comes with an integrated Oxford American Dictionary and its 250,000 word definitions and you get all the definitions displayed instantly at the bottom of the page you’re reading.

6. Experimental Read-To-Me Feature(New!)

This feature helps ‘text to speech’ conversion and comes with a bundle of customization for suitable listening.You can choose if you want a male narration or a female one.You can also manipulate the speed of narration to suit you.While Read-to-me is ON,pages turn by themselves and therefore you don’t need to manually turn the pages.You can Read-to-me anything,from books to newspapers to magazines, blogs & personal documents.

[Image : Engadget]

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