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How to Make your Android Device Faster Without Root

Slow speed may be hindering you to reach goals decided? Get tips on how  Android device run faster without rooting.

None of us would like a device to perform slower, and it is desirable for everyone to make the device work faster. Android devices can become faster by employing certain things, for example, rooting your android device can help, but if you do not want to do that just for the sake of making device faster then read these simple tips. There are so many android devices and versions available in the market and the device performance depends much on the hardware but doing these basic things you can certainly make your android device work faster.

Home Screen Optimization

Your home screen looks awesome with animated images, but it is not going to help the performance. Minimize the images and wallpapers in the home screen and you can see how this improves the performance of your device. If you use an old device, then you should also cut down the number of widgets in the home screen. Disable the widgets live animations and the live wallpapers if at all you need your devices to perform faster. However, widgets are not much of an issue in the new devices. They are meant for doing things easier, and they are not a feast for eyes. So use them as and when required, but it is important to own a clean home screen.

Go for the Apt Appshow to make your android device faster without root

Installing apps seem to be a great trend of the day. When you see loads of apps, it is natural that you want to get all of them, but choose the apps that are required for your day to day use. Apps are stored in ROM in the Android devices, and this storage has a very limited memory. If you are going to load it with unnecessary apps, you cannot expect superior performance of your device. Install the basic apps that do not affect the consistency of your memory.

You should also uninstall a few apps as they may take enough time of the CPU and take ages to load. You need to weed them out. To keep a watch over these misbehaving apps, you can install apps like watchdog task manager. If you find an app to be misbehaving kill it and if it continues to misbehave, never mind uninstalling the app.

Moreover, kill the apps that are affecting the RAM’s performance but you do not need to kill every other app. Kill only the misbehaving apps to free the RAM memory.

Get a New Browser

For improved performance, android’s earlier versions like Gingerbread need a new browser for your device. A new browser definitely improves the performance of the device. This is because the built in browsers are not updated over a period of time. You can switch to the Firefox app for Gingerbread. Google Chrome for Android is also a best choice. These browsers never take time to load the web pages.

Go for Overclocking

Overclocking not only helps the computers and laptops, but also helps in increasing the speed of your Android device. For overclocking the CPU of your Android device, you can choose SetCPU. However, this method has its own drawbacks. The device gets more heat and ends up in the hardware damage. Also, this has a negative impact on the battery life of the device, so do this only if it is necessary.

Disabling Sync and High speed Data

Your device is made slower because of high speed connectivity of data and syncing of background. The device’s power is drained, as a result. You can control this right from your desktop.



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