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GeoEdge : Geo Targeting Solution with Ease of Usability

GeoEdge the easiest Geo targeting solution which allows you to virtually browse websites from various worldwide locations.

Nowadays, all major websites show content and advertisements which are relevant in your country. This personalisation offers a great deal of help to advertisers as well as to the persons involved in SEO/SEM work, to decide what types of ads are to be placed on a website. A lot of tools are available which analyse web-pages and inform you about how these pages appear from a particular country. GeoEdge is also one such simple tool which helps you to browse a website, like you were viewing it from any location of your choice.

GeoEdge is basically just a proxy network providing you to access the internet from over 100+ virtual locations spread over several countries and designated market areas. These countries include Argentina, Austria, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, UK, USA and many others. That means you can see what ads are being shown by a website to a person in New York, even though you might be sitting in China or elsewhere.

What’s Good?

  • Over 100 locations worldwide
  • Easy to install and use
  • Emulation for major mobile platforms is supported
  • GeoEdge Analytics give it an edge over other such services
  • Plenty of plans are available; you can also create custom plans

What’s Not So Good?

  • Pricing is a bit high when compared to its immediate competitors

GeoEdge comes as a toolbar for Firefox or Chrome. It is very easy to install and works like a charm. The user interface is very simple, just a few clicks and you get the local perspective of any website. It can also emulate mobile browsers, so as to allow you to browse the web from the eyes of a mobile user.


How the yahoo homepage looks to a person in Germany(snapshot taken from India)

Moreover, GeoEdge also has an analytics tool which allows you to capture and analyse all ads on a given URL, globally. In case any malicious ad is detected, it will also raise alerts and inform you about that ad. This tool also informs you about your competitor’s campaigns. All you have to do is to provide it with the URL you would like to monitor, or even less, just give it a few tags and leave the rest of the job to it. This way you always stay updated about any new ad campaigns launched by your competitors, so you can launch counter campaigns.

Plans and Pricing 

There are a quite a few pricing plans available, depending on your needs. The free plan allows you to perform search from 8 locations, but the URLs are restricted to only SERPs (search engine result pages). The premium plans start at 59$/month and give you access to 3 to 8 locations. You can also design customized plans in which you can choose the number of locations and users. And the best part is you that you can get a free trial of any of these plans, even the customized ones. You can check all the latest plans and also customize them at this page.


You should definitely try GeoEdge if you are somehow related to the online advertising, SEO or SEM industry. Go for the free trials first, and then decide whether you want to go for the premium plans or not.

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