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How to Recover Lost WiFi Password

Recovering a lost password is not a small task. This article will guide you in recovering a lost WiFi password with simple steps.

Regarding Wi-Fi Internet Connection

WiFi internet connection is the biggest gift of science in the 21St Century civilized human life. Internet with tremendous high speeds is required everywhere in the world. Internet applications range from domestic website and e-mail checking, school, colleges and other academic applications to large scale industrial application. The internet is not only essential for IT and software companies but also every industry types starting from manufacture to retail industries. How to Recover Lost WiFi Password

WiFi internet connections are very high-speed broadband connection of 4G or fourth generation internet. Web sites are downloaded and displayed on the computer screen within the blinking of the eye. Today, the internet connection is not only restricted to personal computers (PCs) and laptops, but also daily use electronic products like touch screen mobile phones, iPods, iPads, Notebooks, Tablets, etc. At the time of connecting the WiFi internet the internet service providers gave a unique password to the user with which he can login to his internet.

Advantages of WiFi Internet Connection and the Significance of the Password

Songs as well as very high definition videos and pictures can be downloaded very easily and in a very short period of time with WiFi internet connection. A WiFi password was given at the time of installation of the WiFi machine or internet modem. This password is given for the total internet security of the user from online hackers as well as viruses. Thus, the password should always be thoroughly memorized by the internet user or recorded and saved at a secure place. He should never share his WiFi password with anyone else. There are certain methods of how to recover lost Wi-Fi password if it is lost by any means.

How to recover lost Wi-Fi password?

The internet service provider ISP gives the user a password at the time of the Wi-Fi broadband modem installation, which is placed on a sticker at the bottom of the modem. The password on that sticker should always be checked and kept in mind. In case the password of the Wi-Fi internet connection is lost, then the following methods should be followed to recover it:

First method: WiFi password on the personal computer (PC) should be detected using the command prompt.

Second method: The password can be found on the windows of the PC.

Third method: The password can be detected on the PC (Personal Computer) by using Wireless Key View.

Fourth method: The Wi-Fi password can also be detected on MAC.

Requisites: A computer and a wireless key view are required to carry out these methods.

It should always be made sure that the user is never trying to locate that password which he is unauthorized to use.

Any user can recover his Wi-Fi password by using the popular methods mentioned above, within a very short time-period. No expert knowledge or experience is required as such to apply these methods. Anyone can recover his password having basic computer and internet operations knowledge. He should also consult with the provider of his internet WiFi modem and service, regarding these issues for full technical support.

Usage of WiFi internet Connection

Today 4G or fourth generation Wi-Fi internet connection is the most popular and widely used high-speed broadband net connection, all over the world. It is applied at home application to extensive industrial applications. There are several reputed internet service providers, round the globe who provide Wi-Fi internet connection modems with highly secure, confidential and unique passwords for their customers. It is extremely important for total internet privacy and security in all sorts of internet applications.

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