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Do’s and Don’ts When Using an iPad

An iPad’s lifetime can be extended through proper care. Though it is quite simple to use it, here are some dos and don’ts when using an iPad.

Using an iPad is very easy. Using an iPad is very easy. So easy that you really don’t need a manual to be able to use its functions. The native apps are already useful for people who simply want to send and receive email and surf the internet.

But just like any electronic device, an iPad can be optimized and its lifetime extended through proper care. If you know some tricks and tips in using your iPad, what you already thought was a great user experience may become even better. These are some dos and don’ts when using an iPad.ipad-2

Do download a battery app or take care of your charging habits.

There are a lot of battery apps available that you can just boot up when you’re charging your iPad. Your tablet usually runs on a lithium battery that requires special care.

Keep in mind that similar batteries have a limited life span and number of recharge cycles. Even with the most meticulous care, you eventually have to replace it at the Apple store.

But being able to maximize its lifetime is one of the best ways for you to get your money’s worth out of the device. If you don’t want to use a battery app, make sure you turn off your device while you charge it.

Don’t completely drain the battery or charge it fully either. Starting charging when the gauge goes below 20% and unplug it when it’s around 80%. The full charge and completely drain should only happen once a month at the most.

Don’t use full brightness or volume.

In connection with saving battery life and the hardware itself, keeping the brightness to medium setting and the volume to a reasonable level always helps. Your eyes don’t get too tired and you don’t share your video’s sound effects with everyone in the room.

Do turn off apps you aren’t using at the moment.

You can see which apps are running by swiping four fingers upward. A task bar appears at the bottom with all the icons of the apps that are running.

Apps like RingCentral, Google, MS OneNote and Evernote may continue running even when you’ve minimized the window. You can save battery and processing power by holding down one app icon and then closing the apps through tapping the red badges that appear. The five-finger window closing gesture simply minimizes the app.

Do use a case.

Aside from this being the only way for you to customize how your tablet looks, it also protects your device. A screen protector is a great way for you to prevent scratches and a case may also cushion some of the impact when the device falls or bumps into something.

There are other cases that automatically lock your iPad with a magnetic cover. If you’re up to it, also remember to remove the case when you’re charging your iPad as the heat may affect the device.

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