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How to Find a Lost iPhone

Losing your iPhone means a significant cash outlay for a new one. Learn how to find a lost iPhone in the article detailed below.

Losing your valuable iPhone can be extremely painful especially if it’s a new one since its very expensive and also will lead to loss of all your personal data including  pictures, contacts, videos, music and important personal information which you have stored in your phone. If you have misplaced your phone somewhere or it was stolen by someone else, there are still chances that you can find it using the tips mentioned below.

Using Find My iPhone App

If you have installed “Find My Phone” application in your Mac or any other iOS device, you can open it. In case if you do not have this App installed, you can download it form App store. You might be asked to provide your credentials to login to the App and you will be provided a screen. It will display a map indicating the approximate location of your phone and you will also find iPhone displayed in list. When you click on it, it will automatically show the current location of your phone. In case if your phone is powered off or has run out of battery, it will display latest known location with which you can trace the phone.

Sending alert notification

From the info window on your Find My Phone App, you can send alert notification in case if you have misplaced it somewhere in your home or Office. It will give a loud alert sound for two minutes even in case if you have muted your device. This can help you to identify the phone.

Tracking your iPhone How to find a lost iPhone

If you have iPhone 4 or above you will have the latest version of iOS installed in it (Version 6 and above) which allows you to Track the phone when it’s lost. Go to the Lost Mode from the info mode and you will be asked to provide your Phone’s unlock code. You can make use of random number which is not related to you in anyway like birth date, social security number, driving license number etc. You can also enter a contact phone number and message.

If your phone is switched on, then it will get locked immediately and you can view the current location of your phone. If your phone is switched off, then it will get locked immediately after powering up and you will also get an e-mail notification with current location of the phone.

Erasing all personal data

If you are not able to find out your phone’s location and doubt it’s stolen by someone, you can use the Erase iPhone button from the info window which will erase all personal information from the device when it’s powered up.

Using social media

Since everyone makes use of social media nowadays, you can also track your iPhone through it. Try to send a broadcast message to all your friends about your missing iPhone and there is a chance that someone might be able to help you. You can also use Twitter to track your iPhone using an App known as “FindMe”. This will help you to find the tower cell ID of the GSM tower that your phone is using along with longitude and latitude of your phone’s location through the tweets from your Twitter account.

Using ifound app

This App can be installed in your iPhone and it creates background wallpaper with your contact information so that if anyone finds your phone accidentally, they can contact you. This App costs minimal fee and can be purchased from iTunes store.

Using iHound App

iHound is another free App which provides an email notification alert when your iPhone is connected to a Desktop. It also provides the location of your iPhone and gives detailed information on where it’s present currently. It also allows you to create a sound alert in case if you have misplaced the phone anywhere. It is also compatible with social networking websites like Twitter, Foursquare or Facebook and provides geo-fencing location alerts automatically during check-ins.

Using iLocalis app

This App allows you to login to the provider’s website to track your phone. You can login and send a message to yourself. If there is change in SIM card, then it will automatically detect the new phone number inserted in your device. But the main drawback of using this App is that it requires your iPhone to be jail broken.

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