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The Best And Worst of iPhone 5/4S Rumors

Cheaper iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and lots of other rumors making their way before the Apple event unfolds.

The day has finally arrived when iStuff rumormongers will stop spreading any more rumors about the next iPhone. It’s because Apple is set to unveil today, its most awaited product of the year; the iPhone 5/4S.

And just like any high-profile product launch in tech industry, this upcoming tech event is already the talk of the town with fresh(& sauced up) iPhone rumors making their way to tech news ticker, every now and then.

Cheaper iPhone 4S

Some of the rumors do make sense while others sound complete bullshit and made up. And this time, there has been such an overflow of iPhone related rumors that it’s quite hard to have some solid estimation of what to expect from Apple tonight. In a way, all these rumors have taken the curiosity levels to a new high, not just of iPhone fanboys but other tech enthusiasts too.

In case, you have not had time to catch up with flurry of iPhone rumor junk during past couple of weeks, here’s a quick look at all those rumors, both good and the bad ones. It’s on you to pick the most befitting iPhone rumor among these.

Rumor 1: There’s going to be a cheaper, 8GB iPhone 4, that will primarily be focused on targeting the mid-range section of smartphones, wooing back Android owners in US and selling millions of these cheaper iPhones in developing nations.

Rumor 2: iPhone 4S is for real. There has been several mentions found by tech media from various channels, clearly quoting ‘iPhone 4S’ as an upcoming iPhone model.

Rumor 3: iPhone 5 is very much a possibility at launch as well. Looking at iPhone 5 cases and estimating the next iPhone’s hardware through the case design, there’s a good chance that we will see a bigger, faster iPhone 5 during Apple event.

Rumor 4: There are couple of rumors regarding the possibility of contract-free iPhone, that is, iPhone with pre-paid plans, which is quite prevalent in Asian countries. This rumor stands in strong support of early rumor of cheaper iPhone as cheaper, contract-free iPhone is what Apple might be aiming to sell in developing markets.

Rumor 5: The latest of the rumors is the weirdest of all. According to some sources, the next iPhone is going to be an exclusive phone to Sprint customers. In other words, the next iPhone will be exclusively sold at a subsidized price with a binding contract with Sprint. For this exclusivity deal, Sprint will be shelling out a sum of $20 Billion and make Apple richer than the richest, which it already is.

Plenty of other rumors are about the specs with which the next iPhone will launch. Take a look at iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S rumored specs, if you want to get into details. And yeah, this could be the best time for you to sell mobile, lying in your pocket for the best possible price and prepare yourself in advance to grab the next iPhone, as and when it hits retail stores.

And if you’re done with the rumor stuff, tune in later today as we will be covering all the latest from Apple event, as the event unfolds. It’s only hours before everything will be over and out!

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