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Was iPad 2 The Biggest Surprise Of The Apple Event ?

Apple event surpriseApple had an event past some days and  there was a surprise. This article will tell you that Apple event surprise. Find the complete details below.

On March 2, Apple unveiled the next version of iPad tablet to the world. Majority, and not just the Apple fanboys, loved the iPad 2 from tip to toe.

Surprisingly, even iPad 2’s accessory in the form of Smart Cover was so much innovative that just about no one would want to miss out of that magical cover, whoever decides to buy an iPad 2 for himself.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, here are the live Apple event blogging notes to know what really happened out there. If you want to grab the tech specifications and software improvements in iPad 2, here’s the complete iPad review and iPad 2 price in India.

There were plenty of things that were completely unanticipated by the tech media. iPad 2 Smart cover for instance, was never known to the rumor mill before the launch. Many rumors fell flat and several things completely surprised all the media-gazers sitting out there.

Now it sounds pretty dumb if one asks: What was the biggest surprise of the Apple event ?  Must be the iPad 2 right ? Wrong.

There was another surprise that amazed everyone out there, far more than what iPad 2 came up with. And it was not iOS 4.3 or HDMI outputs or super-awesome  iPad apps. That big surprise was the man himself, Steve Jobs.

It’s a well known fact that Steve Jobs hasn’t had the best of fortune with his health. Albeit being a Cancer survivor, his health issues are still bothering him and he recently took a break from the CEO chair to get time to deal with his worrying health issues.

Due to all those issues, nobody expected the “iCon” CEO to come over to Apple HQ and unveil the iPad 2 but he did. And the audience gave a deafening applause to this man when he showed up on stage. The charisma was back in full force!

Steve was looking quite weak(rather ill) by his looks but his ‘aura’ overshadowed everything else and he proceeded with the launch of iPad 2, which everyone loved.

It also gave a great moral boost to the whole Apple dynasty, giving a loud shout-out that Mr. CEO, who takes just $1/yr of base salary from $300Bn worth Apple Inc. is still very much there and has just gone for a short leave to fix up health problems, that’s it!

Great job Mr. Jobs !

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