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How to Use TV as Monitor Wirelessly

Using TV as monitor is an interesting idea as it provides better picture quality on larger screen. Learn how to use TV monitor wirelessely. 

Often you must have wondered that if watching TV is possible on a Computer screen, then why cant we have our desktop on the TV screen? The technological changes have made it possible to do just this. Read on to find out how to convert your TV screen to your Computer.

It must have appeared to you often why not connect your PC to the television and enjoy all that you are doing on a PC with a bigger screen of the television. You can watch television on your computer then why not vice-versa!

There is good news, now you can do all that you have done on your computer to your TV. An increasing number of people are availing this opportunity instead of investing loads on larger monitors. Simply download movies, games and YouTube videos from sites like NetFlix and watch them on television. Want to view pictures on a better screen and better resolution? See them on the television, store them, in the memory of the TV and play them in a slide show format.

But how must be this done? Well there are two methods of doing this- either fix some cables to connect the computer and TV set or uses a WI-Fi connectivity to do so. But this may not be as easy as it appears to be! Here are some aspects that may help you to get started in case of wireless connectivity.

Knowing the Basics

There are two ways in which you can get your computer fixed to the Television- using a wire and wirelessly. In the process of wirelessly connecting your television,  you will have to check whether Wi-Fi connectivity is available in your television also.

Steps how to use your tv as a monitor wirelessly

1. Purchasing a Converter– The first step, will be to purchase a converter for Computer to TV. Depending on your budget you will be acquainted with various makes. Basically, the converter will send a beam of information that will be received by your computer. But you must consider the input connections in your computer. If you have a flat screen HDTV, that is extremely common nowadays, there are various connecting options like HDMI, S-Video, RCA, Component and VGA. So just check your adapter in lieu to your television connections.

2. Starting with your computer-The next step will be to start your computer as the normal process. Let it booting and let the OS start as usual. Now the base station needs to be attached to the output port on your computer, usually the VGA output is used by most. In simpler terms, base station needs to be connected to the AC and the power switched on.

3. Starting with your television– By this time you must have also connected the adapter to your television. Plugging in the wireless adapter to the AC outlet in the computer and Input, in the TV, start with the power. You will see the desktop on the television.

So this is how you can enjoy computer applications on your television. But do not forget to keep the following points to ponder-

  • You will have to follow the standard in broadcast with you adapter that is prevalent in your country.
  • Do not ignore  relevant data- the resolution that the adapter can support. If do not check it the maximum resolution that you may be allowed is 640x480p.
  • If your house and the areas around the television are already using other wireless transmissions then there chances of disturbance in what you see on television.

Advantages of Wireless Connection

The advantage of using a wireless connection, even though it may require a bigger initial investment is that firstly it does not confuse you with cables and wires and secondly it does not require the computer close to the television unit.

Nowadays computers are supplied with in built wireless units via which the data can be streamed in your television.

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