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OpenAI Delays the launch of it ‘Humanlike’ Voice Assistant  

Here is today’s trending news from the world of technology and AI. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.  


OpenAI Delays the launch of it ‘Humanlike’ Voice Assistant  

OpenAI on Tuesday announced that it is delaying the launching of its humanlike voice assistant by nearly a month or two. The upcoming voice assistant, which has already hogged controversy for allegedly imitating the voice of scarlett johansson, was supposed to be launched in late June. Now it will be either launched in late July or early August. And even when it is eventually launched, it will be available only to select subscribers of ChatGPT Plus. OpenAI has said that it needs further time to bring more improvement in its voice assistant. Although voice feature has been a part of ChatGPT since 2023, the upcoming voice assistant has the ability to generate voice that has human touch to it.       


Reddit takes a stern stand against AI Scrapping Bots  

Social media platform Reddit has warned AI and scrapping companies to comply with the law when it comes to accessing its data or else they will be blocked. The company also said that it will update its robots. Text file, which tells web crawlers not to access the content on its website. Reddit’s warning came barely days after media reports claimed that Perplexity AI was illegally scrapping content from other websites. However, it has assured that its latest action is not directed towards any specific company. Reddit’s sensitivity about protecting its data is understandable considering that it had recently signed a multi-million content licensing deal with Google and OpenAI.  


AI song generators Suno and Udio get sued for Copyright Infringement 

Some of the world’s biggest music companies including Sony Music and Universal Music Group have filed a lawsuit against AI song generating companies Suno and Udio. They have accused both these companies of using their copyrighted songs of globally acclaimed artists for training their AI models without seeking proper permission. Music companies have demanded $1,50,000 per copy-righted work as part of its financial compensation. Both Suno and Udio were launched barely few months and became a talking point in the social media world following their launch. They charge a monthly fee from their users for generating realistic and high-quality songs with simple text prompts.    


Pixel 9 Hardware scheduled for August  

In a rather surprising move, Googe has announced that it will be conducting a ‘Made by Google’ event on August 13. Although information about this event is scarce, Google is expected to officially launch its Pixel 9 smartphone and Pixel Watch 3. it is also expected to launch tons of new AI features for its Pixel models. The company may have prepone this event to stifle any potential leaks about Pixel 9, something that has become a recurring problem with Pixel phones. Earlier this year, Google had unveiled Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2.  


ChatGPT is now generally available for all Mac users  


Starting from today, the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT will be available to all Mac users. You can now download ChatGPT app directly on any MacOS enabled devices and start using the app. After download, you can use the shortcut key Option + Space to access the app. When the ChatGPT app was first launch ahead of the WWDC event in June, it was rolled out to only limited ChatGPT plus subscribers. The general availability of ChatGPT app on MacOS devices will make OpenAI’s chatbot more accessible.  

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