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GetMyFlix – Review

Here is the Getmyflix review. Getmyflix offers you a way to share the movie DVDs with friends staying nearby your location and save money, which is otherwise charged by movie rental

What’s that !


Online movie renting has added to making humans lazier than ever. Now, to watch a movie, you don’t need to look out for a DVD shop for renting one, just log on to NetFlix or BlockBuster, subscribe one of their plans, choose your DVD online and get it delivered to your home with a justified monthly expense.

But GetMyFlix has a different point of view in it.They have arrived with an idea of Crowd Sourcing in movie renting system. According to their tagline : “Why rent movies when you can borrow them from your friends“, they have built a system through which users can list their own movie collection, see their nearby friend’s movie collection and share between themselves as well.


What it offers…

  • A way to share the movies with friends staying nearby your location
  • Save money, which is otherwise charged by movie rental companies
  • Explore a fresh network of people staying nearby your locality

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Effective Proximity Usage – This is probably one of those concepts that uses your local surroundings to eventually help you build your unexplored network of people residing nearby your home. That means, it connects you with your nearby people through ‘a casual purpose of movie exchange paired with money saving’ which gives a good purpose of making new friends
  • It’s Free ! – Ultimately, the purpose of GetMyFlix is to provide another way of doing the same old thing, ‘renting a movie’ at no cost
  • Crowdsourcing Power  – As we have witnessed many internet startups relying over the same newly explored power – “Crowdsourcing” and getting success as well, GetMyFlix is  based on the same “community sourcing” only

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Market Saturation – With companies like NetFlix and BlockBuster already in this market for so long now with a big customer base and charging a minimal cost for the service,who will take the pain to befriend an unknown person living 5 miles away from his home to exchange a movie
  • US centric – GetMyFlix offers an option to the conventional movie rental system. As most of the countries (except US and few European ones) aren’t really having any service providers like NetFlix, BlockBuster or a similar one, they can’t really take the maximum out of GetMyFlix system. Growing economies like India’s ventures like Reliance’s BIGFlix is just starting off to turn itself as the “NetFlix for India”. So traction of international audience might be poor
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