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Top 5 Technological Advancements that could Change Car Industry

Get ready for better experiences in car industry through its advancements. Top 5 technological advancements in car industry is discussed below.

Why the cars are so hot in their appeal?

There are certain factors for the cars to grab the attention of the automobile lovers. Their design, features, price and the social appeal are the major aspects that drive the buyers to become crazy of owning them. Of course the easily available car loans have further fueled the purchases albeit there were few bad car credit finance pitfalls that surfaced from time to time.

Automobile experts, exclusively those who follow the latest trends in the car market, have opined that the design and the features are the most sought out things by the buyers. They cite many examples of all time favorite car models from the makers like Jaguar, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz etc. These models have fluttered the hearts of both young and old not only at their inauguration but till they are phased out by the manufacturers.

The success of those models was due to the design aesthetics and technologically superior features. Thus one can understand how important are the technological advancements in making a car as the hot favorite for hundreds and thousands of users.

Let us see the five major technological advancements that could bring changes in the car making sector.

  1. Body panels that store energy

Sounds awesome, right!

Experts feel that if this technology can be added to the cars it could alter the car industry’s progress path. Expected to be introduced in less than 30 years from now, this technology enables the body parts to double as batteries. It is well known to us that the story of hybrid cars is neither a failure nor a success owing to the reason of batteries that occupy lot of space. Manufacturers are trying to convert the body panels to act like batteries so that the space issues can be addressed successfully.

  1. Improvised safety camera, night vision & rear radar

Except night vision technology the other two have already been tested few years back but without much success. Since then the car makers have tried to overhaul the entire gamut of the safety aspects and soon the new versions of these items would be unveiled. These new technologies are expected to reduce the accidents.

  1. Self Driving

These are the intelligent cars that take images of the road, read them on maps, understand the signboards and push themselves through the public traffic – all with safety and security. There are many creative ideas coming out on self driving cars like grouping number cars into one platoon and thereby reduce the road accidents.

  1. Internet in the car

We have laptops and Smartphones to connect to internet but the future cars work on in-car internet technology that hooks the car’s infotainment system to the internet.

  1. Mutual communication between the cars

It is heard from various resources that the US government is seriously working on this technology. If this comes true then the cars that ply on the road would talk to each other and also with the objects around their driving course.

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