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Onyx Review

Even Apple computers and laptops need to be cleaned out from time to time. Get tips on how to Speed up Mac using Onyx through Onyx review.

People think about the cleaning software when their Mac starts running slowly or shows performance issues. If you are of the same opinion that Mac computers do not need cleaning software, it is high time to overcome this opinion. The computers performance can be considerably hampered if you do not clean the System from unnecessary applications.  With the cleaning process done regularly, you can exceedingly enhance the speed of your computer.

So here is the tutorial which tells about how to use onyx to speed up Mac.

Step 1:


First step before running the Onyx software is to create a backup of the Mac computer. This is essential, and a third party app or Time Machine can store all of your files, folders, and  applications in it.

Step 2:Speed up Max using Onyx

Download Onyx

Download the onyx software based on your Mac’s version- Panther, Jaguar, Leopard, Tiger, Snow Leopard or Lion- will determine which Onyx software you need. It is imperative to download  the correct Onyx version specified for your OS because the software will not work on a wrong version.

Step 3:

Software Installation

Now, Installation of the Onyx software is just like all the other software that you must have run dozens of times. It is very simple and basic in nature and simply drags and drops Onyx application and installs to begin. You will have to follow the instructions and give permissions and clicking next tabs, and at the point where you will be asked for the password you will have to enter it.

Step 4:

SMART Status Verification

It is now time for Onyx to verify your Start-up Volume and S.M.A.R.T. status. SMART stands for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. Most of the Mac computers have SMART hardware, and this helps in complete analysis. The status of your hard drive is checked via this application and you will have to permit Onyx to run these tools. This may take some time, so don’t get impatient because it is normal. The program will itself notify you about the delay. After the process is successfully completed, there is no doubt that your hard drive will not crash. From here it is not imperative to follow these steps, and it depends on what you want to do with the software on Mac.

Step 5:

Choose a Tab/feature

You must be wondering what you can do actually with this software. Apart from cleaning you can verify, maintain, apply parameters, initiate automation and also start utilities on your Mac and each Utility tab on the Onyx consists a list of tasks. The cleaning panels display six tabs that facilitate in removing user cache, system cache, internet files, font caches, Crash Reporter, logs, and miscellaneous unwanted and obsolete files.

Since we are predominantly interested in the cleaning process we will go ahead with it, and you will notice that the various areas are listed that are to be cleaned. In case you have a query, you can select on the question mark situated on the lower left side of the window.

Step 6:


Now that you have selected the choices, hit the Execute button. It may again take some time, but will definitely get all those unwanted applications removed from your system.

Step 7:


Certain tasks may demand a restart, and if that is necessary go ahead and restart your computer.

The Onyx program can be rightly called a maintenance program that ensures efficiency of your computer. It can repair and restore and keep your computer in perfect health.

Hope this article about Speed up Mac using Onyx helped you.

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